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This page last updated on December 24, 2000

WHAT'S NEW?? (12/24/2000)

CNN's "World Beat" music show on December 17th devoted the entire half-hour to the subject of Christian rock! You can read a text transcript of the episode, or view an HTML article about the show at their website.

The show was like a "beginner's course" for anyone wanting to learn about CCM. I'm sure that some viewers were probably surprised at the amount of cool artists on there whom they've never heard of, never heard on the radio, never saw on MTV, etc. I loved how the show emphasized the diversity of musical styles in CCM, everything from hard music to dance to folk rock to Latin, etc., etc.!


PREVIOUS UPDATE (from November):

Death metal band LIVING SACRIFICE released a new album on November 7th, titled "The Hammering Process." Living Sacrifice and Dogwood will appear on the West Coast leg (after November 30th) of the "Kings of the Game" tour with P.O.D. and Project 86. You can find links about Living Sacrifice in Crossover's "Hard/Metal" section.

P.O.D. has a song on the soundtrack album for the new Adam Sandler movie "Little Nicky." The video for the song, called "School of Hard Knocks," has been aired on MTV. P.O.D. appears in the December issue of Teen People magazine. You can find links about P.O.D. in Crossover's "Hard/Metal" section.

RAZE's new album THE PLAN was released on November 7th. To learn more about the new album, click here. You can find more links about Raze in Crossover's "Dance Music" section.

dc Talk's Intermission, their "Greatest Hits" album, was released on November 21st. The album debuted at #81 on Billboard's sales chart. dc Talk appeared in a TV special on PAX TV at 1am Friday night, November 17th. You can find links about dc Talk in Crossover's "Pop/Rock" section.

MICHAEL W. SMITH's new instrumental album, Freedom, was released on November 28th. You can find more links about this artist in Crossover's "Singers" section.

LaRUE's new album Transparent is scheduled for January 23, 2001. You can find links about LaRue in Crossover's "Pop/Rock" section.