My comics purchases today

Written: 14 July, 2000

Just got back from the local comics shop, where 2 weeks worth of new releases were waiting in my pull bag. Here's what I bought today:

AVENGERS INFINITY #1 (Marvel, $2.99)

FLASH ANNUAL #13 (DC, $3.50)
(This was an impulse buy. I happened to see it on the shelf, liked the traditional style artwork on the cover, flipped open a few pages and liked the traditional style art inside, and decided to buy it. If I had stopped to look at the price tag, I might have been hesitant, but I liked the art.)

HEROES VS HITLER #1 (Hamster Press, $3.50) (new B&W indie comic written by Roy Thomas)

HOUSE OF MYSTERY #1 (DC, $2.50; Millennium Edition reprinting the 1951 comic)

KIN #5 by Gary Frank (Image, $2.95)

MYSTERIOUS SUSPENSE #1 by Steve Ditko (DC, $2.50; Millennium Edition reprinting the 1967 Charlton comic starring The Question)

PROMETHEA #9 (ABC, $2.95)
(I've gotten my older sister to read this series. She asked me to buy her a copy of the new issue, so I bought two of these and gave one to her.)

SUPERBOY #77 (DC, $2.25)
This actually came out a couple weeks ago, but somehow I missed it last time, even though I have the series on my monthly pull.

X-MEN: CHILDREN OF THE ATOM #5 (Marvel, $2.99)

X-MEN: THE HIDDEN YEARS #10 by John Byrne (Marvel, $2.50)

I also flipped through the 50-cent boxes and picked out a few from there. My shop often puts in semi-recent comics that are only a few months old into the 50-cent boxes -- a good way to pick up newish comics for real cheap. Here's what I bought for 50 cents each:

ADVENTURES OF SUPERMAN #578 (DC, cover-dated May 2000)
BATMAN #577 (DC, May 2000)
DETECTIVE COMICS #744 (DC, May 2000)
THUNDERBOLTS #35 (Marvel, Feb. 2000)

Total cost of the new comics, prior to my 30% discount: $31.58.
Cost of the new comics after my discount: $22.11.

Total amount spent at comics shop today: $24.11.