BRANDON'S List of Comic Books

Written: 16 July, 1987

[This was a list of my nephew's comics purchases in the order that they were bought.]

Day list began: Thursday, July 16, 1987.
Brandon: 7 years old.
Me (Rob): 16 years old (be 17 in 4 months).

1.) DC COMICS PRESENTS #84: featuring Superman & Challengers of the Unknown, featuring art by Jack Kirby & Alex Toth? Possibly the first comic Brandon ever bought. He bought it like when he was 5-6 years old. If the book still exists, it's probably in his room in 4 different sections. Date on cover of book (he bought it new): AUG 85, which means he bought it in MAY 85, since comic months are 4 months ahead.

2.) PETER PARKER, THE SPECTACULAR SPIDER-MAN #130: Bob Layton/script, Jim Fern & Vince Colletta/art. Cover date: Sept 1987. Date bought: Late June 1987. 75 issue. Bought at same time as Marvel Universe #17.

3.) THE OFFICIAL HANDBOOK OF THE MARVEL UNIVERSE DELUXE EDITION #17, BOOK OF THE DEAD PART 2: $1.50 issue. 68 pgs. including covers. Brandon liked looking thru the pages and guessing how each person died from the illustration shown. Bought at the same time as Peter Parker #130 (late June 1987). No ads.

4.) WEB OF SPIDER-MAN ANNUAL #3: $1.25 issue. 52 pgs including covers. No ads. Just features page-length explanations of Spidey's powers, his cast of friends, and all his villains or whatever. Date purchased: July 1st-7th?, 1987.

5.) MARVEL TALES #204: featuring Spider-Man and the Man-Thing, reprinted from Marvel Team-Up #68: Story by Chris Claremont. Art by John Byrne & Bob Wiacek. Features a 5-pg. "Spider-Ham" back-up humor feature. Note: The box on the upper left corner of the front cover features a pose of Spider-Man standing next to Spider-Ham, and Brandon said, "Is that Spider-Man's dog?" and it just cracked me up. 75 issue. Brandon bought this comic on July 14, 1987 (a Tuesday) when him and me went up to Dairy Mart (once known as "Lawson's"). He picked this comic out all by himself, he just said "I want this one." (I presume that's how he got the above books, too, although I wasn't with him when he bought those, so I wouldn't know.)

6.) THE UNCANNY X-MEN #222: Chris Claremont/script; Marc Silvestri & Dan Green/artists. 75 issue. Brandon bought this book today -- the day that I'm writing this right now -- on July 16, 1987 (a Thursday) -- after we went up to "Lawson's"/Dairy Mart again. Brandon made the revelation that every time we went up to Lawson's, he was going to buy a comic. I doubt that Brandon will become a comic collector, because his heart doesn't seem to be in it like I assume mine was (I could be wrong). But having failed with Kathy, I think he's only buying comics becuz he wants me to like him or something, when actually it couldn't worry me less. I just remembered something: Linda said, "I think I'll see if Brandon should start reading comic books to help his reading" -- she said this when Brandon was maybe 5 years old. But then somebody said (Mom?/Kathy?), "Oh no, don't do that. Look at what happened to Robert!" Anyway: Brandon's about as old as me when I first started reading comics (I read JLA's #130?-160? when I was a kid) but I get the feeling that he won't get into comics like I did, although I rilly hope he does. So far, he takes pretty crummy care of his books, y'know, since he's just a kid. He picked out X-Men #222 today, without any help from me at all. My mom had given him the 75 back home before we left. When he picked out X-Men #222, he started toward the cash register, and then goes "Wait," and was thinking about putting it back & getting a different comic. I was hoping he'd buy Justice League Annual #1 or Superman #10? (so I could just read his, so I wouldn't have to buy them for myself), but then he just said, "I'll get this one, I guess" and bought X-Men #222. I agree. The first choice is usually the best choice. Anyway, as we were walking home, he was swinging the comic with his arms, etc. and I fearfully watched as a "mint"-comic was transformed into "good-condition." I told him that if he took care of his comics, that they might be worth something someday (especially an X-Men). I said: "In ten years, that comic might be worth $25.00!!" Actually, I was just trying to impress him. In mint, 10 yrs. from now, it might be worth only $8.00 (if that). But still, that's something. I'm thinking of starting a collection of comics from the comics that are on sale today, picking out the titles most likely to become worth something later, and storing them away in a closet or something. If Brandon decides he wants to collect comics like I did, well, when he's 16 or so I can give them to him. For X-mas or something? Who knows. Alas, if he doesn't decide to collect comics or if he dies or something (whichever comes first), I can always keep them for myself and keep the vast treasure I would doubtlessly receive for them. Since today's Thursday, the day when new comics arrive, today would be a great time to start!

Later, Rimes