My comics purchases for today

Written: 15 September, 2000

Went to my local comics shop today to pick up the three weeks' worth of comics that had been accumulating in my pull bag. Here's what I bought:

AVENGERS #33 (Marvel, $2.25)

AVENGERS INFINITY #3 (Marvel, $2.99)

This was the only back issue I bought today. (Not that old actually, since it's cover-dated July 2000.) It cost me 50-cents. I was surprised that the store had the recent Millennium Edition reprints of Flash Comics #1 and Military Comics #1 for 50 cents each as well!

COMIC BOOK MARKETPLACE #81 (magazine, $5.95)
This particular issue focuses on Silver-Age Marvel, with articles on Iron Man and Dr. Strange.

COMICS JOURNAL #226 ($5.95) The focus of this issue is "hacking," printing some old items: a fictional story by C. C. Beck, transcript of an early 1980s art lesson by John Buscema at the Marvel offices, and Gary Groth talking with Gil Kane in 1986. Plus 5 pages by James Kochalka, and a con report of the recent San Diego Comic Con.

INHUMANS #4 (Marvel, $2.99)
This is the Ladronn-drawn series...very nice art.

by Roger Stern, John Byrne, and Al Milgrom. Quite a team! This one features Thor.

Millennium Edition reprint of the 1941 comic which introduced Blackhawk. Includes a Death Patrol story by Jack Cole.

MORE FUN COMICS #101 (DC, $2.99)
Millennium Edition reprint of the 1945 comic which contained the very first appearance of Superboy, as well as stories starring Green Arrow, Aquaman, Johnny Quick (by Mort Meskin), and The Spectre.

PEANUTBUTTER AND JEREMY by James Kochalka (Alternative Comics, $2.95)
I liked this comic. An easy read, charmingly done. I wish Kochalka did more innocent, charming comics like this. Perhaps the one jarring bit was the page when the bird brought a gun into the picture and it accidentally fired -- probably not the kind of thing that should be in a comic presumably for all ages.

PROMETHEA #10 (DC/ABC, $2.95)

Dave Cockrum plotted as well as penciled this issue. Scripting by PAD, and inks by Marie Severin. I pick up this B&W series occasionally.

SUNBURN by James Kochalka (Alternative Comics, $2.95)
Very easy read, which involves a man (the author?) talking about what it feels like to exist.

Total cost of all the above (after my 30% discount): $29.46.