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Miss Angie College Pre-Rally
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The final pre-rally for Festival '98 took place on the campus of the University of New Mexico in the most visible, accessible part of the campus.  We were right in front of the Student Union Building with Miss Angie and her band.  The rally was well received, with great music and free food and an invitation to Festival '98. 

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missang4.jpg (25225 bytes) The crowd was definitely divided.   This man was upset that Christians would use a free rock concert and free food to lure college students to the Franklin Graham Crusade.  How awful of us!  Imagine wanting to give hope to a generaion of young people who live in society with no moral absolutes and no sense of right and wrong.  That's done a lot for our country, hasn't it?
But this woman had an answer to his protests -- her sign reads "Its a gift".  The "free" concert and food were merely a shadow of the free gift of God's salvation in Jesus Christ.  And as witnessed during Festival '98, many people received that free gift and now have a living hope! missang3.jpg (25641 bytes)

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