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Posted by Goldenager on April 21, 1998 at 15:16:25:

This is what Iím getting (or planning on getting) in July. Finances, shifting tastes, etc. may change all of that. But, anyway, on with it!


Dark Horse Comics

300 #3 (Of 5)
(Creators) Frank Miller and Lynn Varley
Dread Xerxes marshals all the armies of Asia against a tiny, plucky force of 300 Spartansóand makes one last offer for peace. But peace means surrender. With stabbing spear and slashing sword, the Spartans respond. Their message is a simple one: These free men will not be slaves. There is no middle ground, no compromise to be had, between good and evil. Art and story by Frank Miller, painted color by Lynn Varley.
FC, 32 pages

Yup. Still getting this. Not much more to say.

The Curse Of Dracula #1 (Of 3)
(Creators) Marv Wolfman and Gene Colan
The most memorable instance of Dracula in comic books remains the 1970s Marvel series The Tomb of Dracula, which ran 70 issues with the same creative team. Now the same team is back with a fresh take on horror fictionís most durable character. This is the classic Dracula, brutal and unrepentantly evil, in the hands of the creators best suited in portraying the most evil of all vampires. Tomb was a landmark in the history of horror comics, and The Curse of Dracula is the horror event of the year, done the way Wolfman and Colan have always wanted to do it.
FC, 32 pages

Iím curious to know if Tomb of Dracula was really that good. I know that letter-writers in the early issues of New Teen Titans raved about it, and I know I like Wolfman and Colan separately. Iíll give this a chance, at least. Not being a big horror fan. (Although I love Bram Stokerís original book.)

Hellboy: The Chained Coffin And Others TPB
(Creator) Mike Mignola
This third and thickest Hellboy collection compiles all material not included in "Seed of Destruction" or "Wake the Devil." Mike Mignolaís story notes accompany the long out-of-print one-shots "Wolves of Saint August" and "The Corpse and the Iron Shoes," as well as "A Christmas Underground," "The Chained Coffin," in color for the first time, and "Almost Colossus," with new story pages. This 176-page collection includes a pinup gallery featuring Kevin Nowlan, Duncan Fegredo, and others, as well as an all-new tale.
FC, 176 pages

Iím a Hellboy convert. And this looks like a great place to start, especially since Iíve heard great things about "Wolves of St. August." Maybe Iíll even get the other two TPBs.

Madman/The Jam #1 (Of 2)
(Creators) Mike Allred, Bernie Mireault, and Laura Allred
(Cover) Allred and Mireault

Two of comics most beloved and quirky superheroes, Mike Allredís Madman and Bernie Mireaultsís The Jammer, meet up for the first time. Frank Einstein visits Gordieís fair city, and when weird stuff starts to go down, it isnít long before they realize they are the only two crimefighters in town. Drawn into a bizarre house of optical illusions, the pair must battle against giant insects, spiraling staircases, and disorientation of every kind.
FC, 32 pages

I enjoyed the Superman/Madman Hullabaloo! TPB, so I figured I might as well try the next Madman project. Confession: Iíve never heard of Bernie Mireault. Any good?

Sergio Aragonesí Boogeyman #2 (Of 4)
(Creators) Sergio Aragonťs and Mark Evanier
Mr. Diggs brings us on another tour through the boneyard, as Sergioís twisted take on your favorite tales of terror rolls forward. Taking the horror genre apart bit by bit, Sergio and his usual supporting cast from Groo deliver more hilarity with a gaggle of ghosts, goblins, and unfortunate funeralgoers.
B&W, 24 pages

Well, if I canít have Groo, I guess this is the next best thing.

DC Comics

Catwoman/Wildcat #2 (Of 4)
(W) Chuck Dixon and Beau Smith
(A) Sergio Cariello and Tom Palmer
(Cover) Brian Stelfreeze

The four-issue sequel to the fan-favorite Batman/Wildcat miniseries finds Wildcat and the Feline Fatale in a face-to-face slugfest on the Las Vegas strip! Catwoman and Wildcat go at it for a couple of rounds in a brutal match. And waiting in the wings ready to nail the winner is a deadly new villain: Clawhammer!
FC, 32 pages

This is looking more and more unappealing. But I love Wildcat, have ever since the 1992 Justice Society of America series.

Chase #8
(W) D. Curtis Johnson and J.H. Williams, III
(A) Williams and Mick Gray
(Cover) Williams and Mick Gray

Batman guest-stars in the conclusion of the two-part "Shadowing the Bat"! Cameron Chase is on the trail of the Dark Knight. Her mission is simple: Unmask Batman!
FC, 32 pages

Mm-hm. Weíll see if she lasts that long on my buy-list first.

Chronos #7
(W) John Francis Moore
(A) Paul Guinan, Denis Rodier and Steve Leialoha
(Cover) Guinan and Leialoha

Members of the JLA are killers in Star City! Or are they? Walker Gabriel sees The Flash, Green Lantern and Green Arrow brutally murdering innocent civilians in the near future! Chronos may be the only man who knows the killerís real identity, but, unfortunately, timeís hobo is trapped in a homeless shelter!
FC, 32 pages

This is the problem with doing things set in the immediate future. If Green Arrow is Connor, then itíll have to become an alternate future when/if Ollie comes back. And if itís Ollie, itíll be a spoiler for everyone. I suppose Chronos is going according to the theory that all futures are alternate futures. Makes sense to me.

The Creeper #10
(W) Len Kaminski
(A) Shawn Martinbrough and Sal Buscema
(Cover) Shawn Martinbrough and Sal Buscema

Are the Creeper and Jack Ryder the same being, or two entities in the same body? Weíll find out this issue when the Creeper takes control of Jackís body, and a struggle begins that will end in Jack and the Creeper splitting apartóbut the real shocker is how many Creepers are inside Jack!
FC, 32 pages

And *sniff* thereíll only be two issues left of it after this one! You killed The Creeper! You bastards!

Hardcore Station #3 (Of 6)
(W) Jim Starlin
(A) Starlin and Joe Rubinstein
(Cover) Starlin and Joe Rubinstein

Green Lantern Kyle Rayner guest-stars as Jim Starlinís cosmic miniseries continues! Chief Max calls upon Kyle to help him with the threat Synnar poses to Hardcore Station. But as some mysteries are solved, others emerge! Plus, we discover the origin of Chief Max, learn why Synnar is so interested in the woman named Eye and why he paid a visit to Earth, and we encounter the dreaded League of Insect Assassins!
FC, 32 pages

Mm-hmm. Still getting it.

Jack Kirbyís Fourth World Secret Files #1
(W) Karl Kesel, Grant Morrison, John Byrne, Walter Simonson, and various
(A) Simonson, Howard Porter, Sal Velluto, Byrne and various
(Cover) Simonson

The secrets of Jack Kirbyís legendary creations are revealed in a thrilling special, which includes a two-page "lost pages" JLA feature by writer Grant Morrison and artist Howard Porter, which explains why Orion and Big Barda were sent to Earth to join the JLA! In the lead story (by Karl Kesel, with art by Sal Velluto and Bob Almond), discover the origin of the entire Fourth World! Plus: John Byrne provides unique perspectives on the topography of both New Genesis and Apokolips, as well as a Timeline of New Gods history; and pin-up pages feature art by Mike Mignola, Randy DuBurke, Keith Giffen, J.H. Williams, III and Mick Gray, John Byrne, Aaron Lopresti, Steve Rude, and Walter Simonson. And as a bonus, this issue features a three-page preview of writer/artist Walt Simonsonís Jack Kirbyís Orion Of The New Gods, a monthly ongoing debuting in a few months!
FC, 48 pages

Thereís an inker named Bob Almond? Hee hee. Iím getting this mostly for the pin-ups, although I do like the New Gods and am curious to see what Simonson will be doing with them. I guess this is where Iíll judge his upcoming series.

JLA #22
(W) Grant Morrison
(A) Howard Porter and John Dell
(Cover) Howard Porter and John Dell

Writer Grant Morrison returns with a thrilling two-part story featuring a surprising villain and an even more-suprising guest-star! Normally, the world sleeps peacefully, knowing that the incomparable JLA is there to keep guard in the lofty Watchtower... only now, for reasons unknown, the sleep of the world is tormented and haunted by the terrible, unblinking eye of... The Star Conqueror! The JLA is powerless to awaken a slumbering world trapped in the endless nightmares caused by the Menace Formerly Known as Starro. But help arrives in the form of an unexpected ally: Daniel, The Lord of Dreams. Note: the JLA also appears in Adventures In The DC Universe #18, also solicited this month.
FC, 32 pages

Wow. Even Max 6, notorious for liking Morrisonís JLA, has been sarcastic about this. Far be it from me, who is merely apathetic about it, to do any differently. So: The SANDMAN???! What is he thinking>?

JLA: World Without Grown-Ups #2 (Of 2)
(W) Todd Dezago
(A) Mike McKone, Humberto Ramos
(Cover) Mike McKone, Humberto Ramos, Mark McKenna and Paul Neary

The heroes of the DC Universe find themselves separated by a mysterious force in the conclusion of the miniseries that introduces DCís newest super-team, Young Justice! Having said his magic word, Billy Batson is lightning-bolted to the AdultWorld, but much to his surprise he has not been transformed to Captain Marvel. On KidWorld, Robin, Superboy and Impulse go after the cause of all their troubles, the kid villain Bedlam. Heís using the JLAís original cave headquarters as his stronghold and to keep the youthful heroes away, heís using junior versions of the Joker, Metallo and Gorilla Grodd as guards. The JLA canít help the kids, and if the kids donít win, the two worlds will remain permantly separate. But the scariest thing is that the key to victory may lie in the hands of DCís most reckless youth... Impulse. Note: Look for the debut of the new ongoing Young Justice title, solicited this month.
FC, 48 pages

Looks fun. Funís a big issue in comics for me right now. Iíll get it.

JLA: Year One #9 (Of 12)
(W) Mark Waid and Brian Augustyn
(A) Barry Kitson and Michael Bair
(Cover) Kitson

And then there were four... With the fledging Leagueís roster cut by one, and the remaining members at each otherís throats, can they stand united against Locusí ultimate plan? Donít count on it!
FC, 32 pages

And on and on and on and on.... (díyou get the feeling not much happens in this issue?

Justice League Of America: The Nail #2 (Of 3)
(W) Alan Davis
(A) Davis and Mark Farmer
(Cover) Davis and Mark Farmer

The stunning three-issue Prestige Format miniseries starring the Justice League in a world without a Superman heats up! Robin and Batgirl are dead! Batman has killed the Jokerólive, on network televisionómaking the hate campaign against metahumans heat up even further. The Justice League needs to counter the hate campaignóand fastóas Lexcorp continues to forcefully imprison and execute meta-humans. Meanwhile, Hal Jordanís distress call to the rest of the Green Lantern Corps goes unanswered as the emerald armada intercedes in the war between Apokolips and New Genesis, and Earthís metahumans are isolated from the rest of the universe by a mysterious forcefield.
FC, 48 pages

Actually, Iíll probably wait for the inevitable (hey! Itís got JLA on it!) TPB, unless itís just too darn exciting. Watch them not put out a TPB, just to spite me.

Jonny Double #1 (Of 4)
(W) Brian Azzarello
(A) Eduardo Risso
(Cover) Mark Chiarello

The counter-culture private detective of the 1960s is brought to the Ď90s with a Vertigo twist. Written by Brian Azzarello (Gangland, Weird War Tales), with art by Eduardo Risso (Aliens: Resurrection), and painted covers by Mark Chiarello (Batman & Houdini: The Devilís Workshop), Jonny Double follows a heist gone wrong and its deadly consequences. When Jonny agrees to keep tabs on a rich manís wayward twenty-something daughter, Faith, he becomes ensnared in a tangled web of deceit, murder, and double-cross that pits his Ď60s idealism against Ď90s cynicism. When Jonny helps Faith and her friends with a get-rich-quick scheme involving a long-forgotten bank account belonging to Al Capone, they soon discover that the account wasnít closed after all... and that theyíve taken the money from someone very alive, very dangerous and very hot on their trail. Note: intended for mature readers.
FC, 32 pages

Mmmmmaybe. Iím very cautious about Vertigo books, since Iíve rarely found ones that I like. Weíll see.

Legends Of The DC Universe #8
(W) Dennis OíNeil
(A) Greg Land and Dick Giordano
(Cover) Hugh Fleming

Part 2 of the three-part "Peacemakers," revealing the story of the first meeting of one of the greatest teams of the Silver AgeóGreen Lantern Hal Jordan and Green Arrow Oliver Queen! GA struggles to regain his archery skills while stranded in a war-torn Southeast Asian country. Along his journey, Ollie meets Sister Angelina, who is helping the rebels, and Than, a mysterious monk who is the only hope for peace. Meanwhile, GL sides with the government and General Zho, who plans a massive attack on the rebel forces. Ultimately, it comes down to GL versus GA. But whoís on the side of right?
FC, 32 pages

Well, duh! Whoís not going to get this? Hopefully it will bring Legends of the DC Universe up to the high standard that Marvel Universe has already set.

Legends Of The DC Universe 80-Page Giant #1
(W/A) Various
(Cover) Joe Kubert

DCís line of all-new 80-page Giants continues with a time-spanning issue featuring some of the greatest characters and creators in comics, capped off with a new painted cover (featuring Hawkman) by the legendary Joe Kubert! The time-traveling Chronos "hosts" this issue (in a framing sequence written by John Francis Moore, with art by Paul Guinan and Tom Palmer) which showcases classic DC characters in untold stories from their pasts! Among them... a tale of the Spectre (written by Bill Mumy and Peter David, with art by Steve Ditko and Kevin Nowlan); a story of the original Doom Patrol (written by James Robinson, with art by Dave Gibbons and Sal Buscema); a Hawkman mission (written by Andrew Helfer, with art by Bob McLeod); the reason why the "new" Teen Titans came together as a team, written by Marv Wolfman and George Perez, with art by Phil Jimenez and Romeo Tanghal); an Adam Strange tale (written by Steven Grant, with art by Mike Zeck and James Pascoe); and the day Rip Hunter joins the Linear Men (written by Dan Jurgens, with art by Todd Nauck and Art Thibert).
FC, 80 pages

Iím drooling already. No, really, the keys are all sticky now. Chronos! Hawkman! (HAWKMAN!) The Spectre! The Doom Patrol! The New Teen Titans! Adam Strange! Not to mention the talent involved. Anyone who doesnít get this issue will need their googing head examined!

Major Bummer #14
(W) John Arcudi
(A) Doug Mahnke and Tom Nguyen
(Cover) Mahnke

In this issue, Lauren not only tells the future, she tells the future off! Forty-one years from now, Val, Gecko, and Francis are a whole different bunch of folksóbut not Lou. Heís still a lazy, good for nothing super-bum whoís managed to kill a whole lot of his genius brain cells swilling beer. The problem is, the rest of the world has followed Louís example and nobody is preparedóor even interested enoughóto face the universe-shattering Ultimate Terror! Well, you probably wonít find it very terrifying, but it ainít your world coming apart, is it?!?
FC, 32 pages

Yup. I always go down with the ship. When a title is heading for cancellation, I jump on board. Dunno why ... I must be a glutton for punishment.

Starman #46
(W) James Robinson
(A) Gene Ha
(Cover)Tony Harris

In a 1950s tale of Times Past, the super-villain Bobo stumbles across an assassination plot. The target? Ted Knight, the original Starman. How can the super-strong bank robber keep the Icicle, the Gambler, and the Fiddler from killing Opal Cityís guardian without blowing his own rep? And why does Bobo even want to help?
FC, 32 pages

Geeze, James. Start telling us about Jackís trip in space already, will ya? Itís not like Boboís the greatest characteróor even the most originalóyouíve come up with. (Yeah, I donít like the guy. Sorry.)

Teen Titans #24
(W) Dan Jurgens
(A) Jurgens and Norm Rapmund
(Cover) Jurgens and Norm Rapmund

Final issue. Concluding the four-part "Titans Hunt!" Superman and Changeling head into space to find the missing Titans as the Atom experiences chronal chaos thatís aging and de-aging him, and not even Waverider may be able to help him. Itís the final fate for the Teen Titans as Dan Jurgensí run with the team comes to an explosive end. Two of the members wonít be coming back, while one you thought was gone makes a heroic return! But the DC Universe wonít be without a Titans team for long. Look in upcoming issues of Previews for information about the upcoming Arsenal and JLA vs. Titans miniseries which will set up the new ongoing Titans title.
FC, 32 pages

I always buy final issues, too. What is it with me? But I can have an excuse for this one: the Changeling appears! Every one of the original New Teen Titans (with the exception of Raven) is a favorite of mine. Then that Jericho nonsense started ....

Vertigo Visions: Dr. Thirteen
(W) Matt Howarth
(A) Michael Avon Oeming and Howarth
(Cover) Cliff Nielsen

The worldís foremost expert on debunking the supernatural meets his match in a one-shot written and inked by Matt Howarth (Star Crossed), with pencils by Michael Avon Oeming (Judge Dredd). Dr. Terrence Thirteenís profession has turned into an obsession, with his increasingly arrogant, paranoid behavior alienating everyone around him. His wife wants a divorce, his colleagues think heís crazy, and his timing couldnít be worseóbecause an evil artificial intelligence is warping his world. Note: intended for mature readers.
FC, 64 pages

This is another maybe. Iíve liked the Vertigo Visions Iíve read, but Iím not sure about this one. Maybe Iíll just wait a couple years until I can get it for a buck or so.

Young Heroes In Love #16
(W) Dan Raspler
(A) Dev Madan and Keith Champagne
(Cover) Dev Madan and Keith Champagne

Zip-Kid is about to marry a man who may already be married... to the mob! Will she find out before sheís caught in a bloody crossfire? Plus: Monstergirl seduces Junior, and we meet a team member that needs a walkóthe newest Young Hero... Smokey the Dog!
FC, 32 pages

Call it low-sales syndrome. Goldenager jumps on board at the first sign of a sinking ship.

Young Justice #1
(W) Peter David
(A) Todd Nauck and Lary Stucker
(Cover) Todd Nauck and Lary Stucker

Straight from the pages of the thrilling JLA: World Without Grown-Ups, DCís newest super-team debuts in an exciting new ongoing title! Robin, Superboy and Impulse. Together, these very different youngstersóinheritors to the powers of the DC Universeís greatest heroesóare Young Justice. In their first adventure, the boys discover a mysterious vehicle of unknown origin. They devote hours of careful study to its design to determine its function... no, actually they pretty much leap before they look, and find themselves hurtling to parts unknown!.
FC, 32 pages

Iím curious. Thatís all. If I donít like this issue, I wonít be back. Isnít that what #1ís are for, anyway?

Homage Studios Comics

Leave It To Chance #11
(W) James Robinson
(P) Paul Smith
(I) George Freeman

The Devilís Echo Ice Demons are the best hockey team in the league this year. Or at least they were until their star player, Raepher McDougal, died mysteriously. However, with a hot young rookie to take McDougalís place, the team has managed to hang on for the finals. But then the rookie goes missing too--forcing Chance and Georgie to uncover just who has it in for the team! Itís sudden death as the Stanley Cup championship game comes to Devilís Echo, where anything can happen--even the return of Raepher McDougal from the grave! But will McDougal aid Chance in the solving her mystery... or is Lucas Falconerís little girl going to get a supernatural bodyslam against the plexiglass?!
FC, 32 pages

I read Shamanís Rain and loved it. Now Iím undecided as to whether I should get the individual issues or wait for the classier (and more re-readable) TPBs. Suggestions?

Image Comics

Danger Girl #4
(W) J. Scott Campbell & Andy Hartnell
(P) J. Scott Campbell
(I) Alex Garner

The Danger Girls, along with Johnny Barracuda, reluctantly join forces with a mysterious eccentric in the hope of neutralizing their adversaryís threat of global conquest. Will this joint effort, along with a legendary secret, spell victory for our heroines? Far from it, when a menacing new villain turns the tables on themóItís maximum danger as Major Maxim makes his explosive debut!
FC, 32 pages

This appears to be teetering dangerously close to ho-hum territory. Although if they mean Maxim, and not as shorthand for Maximum, then it chould be howlingly funny. Or not.

Kitchen Sink Press Comics

The Spirit: The New Adventures #5
(Creators) Paul Chadwick and John Nyberg
The Spirit follows his faithful companion Ebony into the Harlem of Central City to solve a baffling murder case. A prominent society doctor dies under mysterious circumstances, and the only clue is a lipstick stained glass . . .
FC, 32 pages

Um, I was going to get Concrete TPB ... or issue ... or something. If this is good enough, maybe itíll force me to.

Marvel Comics

Avengers #8
(Creators) Kurt Busiek, George Perez, and Al Vey
Featuring the debut of an all-new character who just may one day be an Avenger! When terrorists hijack an airliner with a person near and dear to Jarvisí heart on board, the Avengers spring into actionóonly to be beaten to the punch by Tirthlon! Plus: who or what is Silverclaw? And last but not least: new costumes for more than one of our heroes!

Tirthlon? What the sprock is Tirthlon? (Yes, Iím a Marvel babyóI know nothing.) íSplain, please.

Marvel Annual Ď98 Starring: The Avengers & Squadron Supreme
(Creators) Kurt Busiek and Carlos Pacheco
For the first time, the Avengers and the Squadron Supreme join forces against a common foe! Itís the most dangerous gameóin reverseóas one man stalks the greatest champions of two worlds! And it all leads into this monthís Squadron Supreme: New World Order one-shot! This 48-page Annual features a wraparound cover by Carlos Pacheco and George Perez.

Ah-hah! I was wondering where all that "Avengers meet the Squadron Supreme" stuff was coming from. Here it is. But Carlos Pacheco? Ewwwwwww.

Marvel Universe #4 Starring the Monster Hunters
(Creators) Roger Stern and Mike Manley
An all-star jam cover kicks of an all-new storyline starring Bloodstone, Doctor Druid, and Zawadióthe Monster Hunters! Before there was a Fantastic Four, there existed the Monster Hunters, a loose affiliation of champions, costumed, and otherwise, who stood as mankindís defenders against fearsome creatures beyond understanding! Now, they have been gathered together by federal agent Jake Curtiss (who holds more than one secret himself) to seek out the source of the monsters plaguing humanityóand destroy it! And even more impressive than the collected might of Gorgilla, Grotto, and the Molten Man-Thing are the list of superstars who joined to pencil this issueís wicked cool cover! Cover by Mike Manley, Michael Golden, Walt Simonson, Duncan Fegredo, Dan Brereton, Bruce Timm, and Joe Quesada.

Yayyy! Another issue of Marvel Universe! And I, never having read or even heard of these characters before, can go into it with a completely open mind and be dazzled! How cool is that?

Squadron Supreme: New World Order
(Creators) Len Kaminski, Anthony Williams, and Andy Lanning
(Cover) Mike McKone

At last, the Squadron has breached the dimensional barriers and have returned to their home planetóonly to find it in the grip of a totalitarian regime, who are using the inventions and devices of the Squadronís Utopia Program to maintain their power! Will the Squadron fight against their own machinations, especially when they sacrificed so much for the salvation of their world? And who are The Watcher, The In-Betweener, and The Dark Phoenix that the team must find if theyíre to balance the scales once more? This 48 page bookshelf one-shot features a cover by Mike McKone (2099: Manifest Destiny).

Itís Len Kaminski. I like Len Kaminski. And Iím curious as to what all the hype about the Squadron Supreme is.

Tangent Comics

The Batman #1
(W) Dan Jurgens
(A) Jurgens and Klaus Janson
(Cover) Jurgens and Klaus Janson

Meet the all-different Dark Knight of the Tangent Universe! A nobleman must make amends to King Arthur and Merlin for crimes he commited centuries earlier. Only able to survive outside his mysterious castle by wearing an enchanted suit of armor, he pays his penance by striking terror into the hearts of a superstitious and cowardly lot.
FC, 32 pages

Unless I hear itís howlingly bad, Iíll get this. Iím a sucker for medieval stuff.

Jokerís Wild #1
(W) Karl Kesel and Tom Simmons
(A) Joe Phillips and Jasen Rodriguez
(Cover) Joe Phillips and Jasen Rodriguez

A tremendous force has knocked out all the computer systems on Tangent Earth, and New Atlantisóits most technological cityóis left totally helpless. The JLA has sent the Teen Titan, Rip Hunter and Chemo to deal with the chief suspectsóthe Joker and the Atom. But the Atomís powers have been knocked off-line, and the Joker canít access the Impulse Cola vending machines that house all her gadgets. How will the heroes survive?
FC, 32 pages

The Joker was the cream of the Tangent crop last year, and a great reason for it to have existed in the first place. Iím looking forward to more of her. (But the Atom? Ick. I was hoping for more of that cop.)

Tales Of The Green Lantern #1
(W) James Robinson, John Ostrander, Dan Abnett and Andy Lanning
(A) Mike Mayhew, Georges Jeanty, J.H. Williams, III, Mick Gray and various
(Cover) Williams and Gray

The mysterious woman with a sorcerous lantern returns with another collection of storiesóthis time of her own origins! In a framing story by James Robinson, with art by J.H. Williams, III, and Mick Gray, Tangentís Green Lantern introduces three different origin tales. In one, intrepid adventurer Lois Lane grave-robs the remains of Florida for Booster Gold, and comes face to face with the Sea Devils, who literally give her a new life. In another tale, Manhunter finally tracks down the war criminal Darkside and kills her, but itís a case of mistaken identity, and the real Darkside is raising hell. Plus, Green Lantern reveals her connection to Nightwing.
FC, 32 pages

Iím getting sick of explaining why Iím getting these, and I can't think of anything to make fun of. So....

Whose wallet is weeping uncontrollably in a fetal position over in the corner


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