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Subject: Upcoming comics for grumpy old fans: July

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Posted by Rimes on April 30, 1998 at 20:18:09:

New issue of Previews came out on Wednesday, so let's go through some of the comics that old-time comics fans, who get ill simply by glancing at the trendy new stuff, may want to check out. (You have a few weeks to order July's releases from your local shop, so I know you'll appreciate these advance tips from a fellow old-time fan.) More details about all of July's releases can be found at Worlds of Westfield. Now, let's see what's coming out in July...

A List Comics:
A List reprints old Golden-Age and pre-Code comics in B&W and are worth checking out if you like old comics. In July, they will release Jungle Comics #5 and Scream Comics #1. The latter title is a horror comic -- and a panel of it can be viewed here. The comics are B&W, $2.95 each.

AC Comics:
Bill Black's AC comics also frequently releases Golden-Age reprints. For more info, click here.

ACG (aka Avalon Communications):
This company reprints 1950s-70s Charlton and ACG comics in B&W. I tend to think of them as the Charlton of today. In July, they will be releasing Crime and Punishment #1, Invasion #2 (sci-fi tales by Ditko, Boyette, and Aparo), Mighty Kaang #1 (giant gorilla by Montes & Bache), Out of the Night #1 (vampire tales by Ditko, Zeck, and Sutton), Pulp Western #1 (cowboy comics by Severin, Glanzman, and Williamson), Sam Glanzman's Combat Zone #1 (war stories), Strange Stories #1 (a split-book in the tradition of Marvel's 1960s split-books, by Pete Costanza, Paul Reinman, & Ditko), and Terry And The Pirates #3 (George Wunder reprints). Click on some of the titles above to see what the cover looks like. The comics are B&W, $2.95 each.

Amazing Montage:
This is the company that publishes Joe Zabel's detective mystery comics, lately going under the series title "The Trespassers." An extra-long Trespassers comic was solicited last month. Now, this month, you can get the first five issues of the series for ten bucks. That's a good buy since most of those issues cost $2.50 each when originally released. You can view the cover of #1 by clicking here. And if you want to read more of Zabel's work, you can enjoy it on-line by clicking here.

Caliber Comics:
This looks interesting: Tales of the West #1. (Click the link to view the cover.) The description: "From the Buffalo Soldiers, to the Civil War, from General Custer to Wyatt Earp, this series delivers fictional stories that are grounded in real events and people to explore the great American mythos of the west. In addition, each issue also features profiles with pin-up art that cover many of the historical figures of the west." A 32-page B&W comic by John Garcia, for $2.95. OK, the price is right, so I'll order it.

Claypool Comics:
Soulsearchers #31 comes out in July, written by Peter David, penciled by Marie Severin, and inked by Jim Mooney. The description: "The Li'l Soulsearchers - our gang as tots - have to face the evil secret behind The Mystery of the Lighthouse Pirate Treasure." $2.50, B&W. Check out the company's webpage at

Cryptic Entertainment:
Tomb Tales #6 is scheduled for July. This is a modern horror anthology comic produced in the style of the old 1950s horror comics. Here's the description: "In The Flame Game with art by Richard Tackett, business was hot...because business was arson! In Sammy's Send-Off, with art by Dave Matsuoka, a mobster finds that it's tough to quit the "business!" Ed Quinby provides art for The Garden of Jewels, a sci-fi tale about the reddest of rubies in the valleys of Venus. Plus, Shawn Ban Briesen and Chas provide art for The Water Works, a tale of a woman who needs to find a place to hide...her brother's body! Cover by Joe Orlando and Marie Severin." 24 pages, B&W, $3.00. Worth checking out if you are a fan of old-time anthology horror comics. In fact, I'm adding this series to my pull list to make sure I don't miss an issue. Click here to view Tomb Tales' official website.

Dark Horse Comics:

I love the American Splendor one-shots that Dark Horse has been giving us lately, so I was delighted to see another one scheduled for July. The latest is AMERICAN SPLENDOUR: TRANSATLANTIC COMICS. The description: "It all began with a letter from England, detailing what it is like to be autistic. This issue features Harvey Pekarís collaboration with the writer of that letter, British artist Colin Warneford, with a tale about their transatlantic association. Rounding out the issue is a story illustrated by Frank Stack." 24 B&W pages for $2.99.

Also looking forward to the new vampire mini-series from Dark Horse, produced by none other than Marv Wolfman and Gene Colan! Click here for more on Dark Horse's July releases.

DC Comics:
Yeeesh, beware Tangent week in July! But here are some things which look like they will be good that month: Adventures of Superman (Grummett art) & Superman (Ryan art) which continue the current time-phase arc reflecting the styles of various eras, Batman: Gordon of Gotham (done by old pros Denny O'Neill, Klaus Janson, and Dick Giordano), Hardcore Station (a mini-series written & penciled by Jim Starlin and inked by Joe Rubinstein), Jack Kirby's New Gods trade paperback (reprinting Kirby's New Gods #1-11 in B&W, in a 304-page book for $11.95), Legends of the DC Universe #8 (2nd part of a GL/GA [Hal & Ollie] story by Denny O'Neil, Greg Land, and Dick Giordano), Legends of DC Universe 80-Page Giant #1 (for $4.95 you get stories by the likes of Ditko, Zeck, Bob McLeod, Dave Gibbons & Sal Buscema, etc...looks the link to view the new Joe Kubert cover!), Legion: Science Police (a mini-series by Dave Michilinie, Paul Ryan, & Joe Rubinstein...I think this might be good), Power of Shazam! #42 (wherein Jerry Ordway takes over the writing & penciling chores for the series, with Dick Giordano inking), and more.... Click here for a complete list of July's DC releases. Heck, if you just like old-time creators (as I do), maybe even the July issue of Batman (#558) will be worth your while -- it's by Doug Moench, Jim Aparo, and Sal Buscema.

Dreamsmith Studios:
This company has begun publishing a thick B&W monthly fantasy comic called "The Book." Issue #3 is scheduled for July. It's 72 pages for $3.50, which is a good buy considering that most publishers only offer 24 or 32 pages for 55 cents less than that. But I've not yet read an issue of this (#1 is due out soon), so I don't know if I recommend it or not -- but I've been ordering it in case it's good. Check out the company's website for more info.

A month or two ago, I ordered a value set they offered of Duplex Planet Illustrated. This month, they offer a value set of Love and Rockets #27-50 for only $24.95. That's 23 magazine-sized comics for only 25 bucks...or, around a buck each. And some of these are thick issues...I think #30 was a thicker than usual issue. Man, this is a bargain that can't be beat. Trust me on this one...get this value pack! Click here to view the cover of one of the issues. Fantagraphics is also offering again Jaime Hernandez's Penny Century #1 (for $2.95). I missed the first issue (the 2nd one came out a week or two ago, by the way), so I'll be getting this as well.

Gemstone Publishing:
This is the company that's reprinting EC's comics these days, and a great job they are doing of it, too. Currently, they've begun reprinting some of the less-known EC titles, such as Piracy and Panic. Heck, they reprinted all of the sci-fi stuff already, and are almost done with the crime and horror stuff, so now they are reprinting the war titles and stuff you never thought you'd get the chance to read. I'm looking forward to their forthcoming reprints of Valor (this will replace Piracy when it ends), Psychoanalysis, Impact, Aces High, Extra!, etc. All in color for $2.50. Do yourself a favor and give these comics a try. In July, look for the final issue of Piracy (#7) as well as Panic #7 and Tales from the Crypt #25. (Click on the links to view the covers!) Check out Gemstone's EC webpage by clicking here.

Image Comics:
Yes, a few Image comics listed this time around! In July, look for Big Bang Comics #21 (starring Shadow Lady, in the Golden-Age tradition), a B&W trade paperback reprinting Alex Toth's Zorro, and the first of a 4-issue Mask of Zorro mini-series written by Don McGregor and drawn by Ron Wagner. (Click the links to see the covers.) There's also Leave it to Chance #11, Mr. Monster vs. Gorzilla #1, Mage: The Hero Defined #10, etc., but I'm not really into those. See, even Image ain't all bad.

Kitchen Sink Press
If you happen to be awash in money, Kitchen sink has several new book collections coming out: Eisner, Al Capp, and a new Western graphic novel by Jack Jackson. Also, The Spirit: The New Adventures #5, written and penciled by Paul Chadwick. Click here for more details.

Marvel Comics:
Avengers #8 (it's drawn by Perez, what more need be said?), Cable #58 (you've got to check out this artist they got on Cable now, named Ladronn...he is heavily influenced by Kirby...looks a bit like Giffen's early Kirbyesque work), Captain America: The Classic Years Trade Paperback (reprints Simon & Kirby's Captain America Comics #1-5 from 1941...a 256-page book for $24.99...wish I had the cash!), Marvel Universe #4 (the perfect comic for grumpy old fans...dedicated to Marvel's "pre-Marvel" characters...the current arc is devoted to the Invaders and the arc that begins in #4 concerns a group of Monster Hunters! Click here to view the complete list of Marvel's July releases.

Top Hat Comics:
I'm not getting this, but I thought I'd mention it for anyone who likes anthology comics and might want to give it a try. I tried an issue last year, and wasn't that impressed, but that doesn't mean you won't be! I'm talking about Tommy Rocket and the Goober Patrol. Issue #6 is scheduled for July and is listed as B&W, 48 pages, for $1.99 (again, a good buy). Has a few different serials by different artists. Click here to view the cover.

Top Shelf Productions:
This is an indy company which puts out interesting alternative comics, but for some reason isn't talked about much. In July, they have a collection of James Kochalka strips scheduled, titled James Kochalka's Magic Boy and Girlfriend (click to view the cover). It's 120 pages for $8.95. A bit too expensive for me. I'm looking forward to some of Kochalka's regular-size comics which are scheduled for May; you can read more about those items (and more about Kochalka) by clicking here.


Comic Book Marketplace #62 is scheduled for July, and will be about Joe Simon, co-creator of Captain America. Look for the Simon-Kirby Fighting American cover. Also, be sure to check out the most recent issue of CBM (scheduled to be released this month?) with Jimmy Olsen on the cover, about one of my all-time favorite artists Kurt Schaffenberger. $5.95.

The Collected Jack Kirby Collector Volume Two: This reprints the out-of-print Jack Kirby Collector #10-12, with extra pages. A 160 page trade paperback for $14.95. Click here to view the picture they are using to promote the book (is it the cover?). I bought Volume One and loved it, so I'll be getting this volume as well. If you are a Kirby fan, and haven't read Jack Kirby Collector (or the other Kirby zine, Jack Kirby Quarterly), give them a try!


Well, there's my list for this month. You can follow what comics will be released each week by checking out The New Comics Release List webpage. Let your local comics shop what titles you don't want to miss, so they can order them in advance for you. Don't give up on comics...because there's still plenty of great stuff being published every month!

Rob Imes
(hoping all the links work!)


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