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Subject: Upcoming comics for grumpy old fans (in August)

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Posted by Rimes on June 04, 1998 at 16:58:14:

Herewith I offer another installment of my column demonstrated to prove that each month there are still comics being published which may interest long-time comics readers like myself, and those who prefer much older comics to the newer ones.

First off, I'd like to update the status of some comics I mentioned in previous columns. If you just want to see my list of what ought to be good in August, just scroll downward some!



As I mentioned on the Dark Horse board, Mike Grell's Tarzan: Primeval mini-series is running late. The first issue (technically #21 of Tarzan) was scheduled for April 1st, but I don't know when it will finally come out...hopefully in June.

ACG/Avalon is a company that reprints ACG and Charlton material from the 1950s to the 1970s. I usually order in advance nearly every title they schedule for release, unless I happen to have it already. Their titles tend to get delayed (and, sometimes, cancelled prior to publication), so it might be helpful to list what they've released within the last few months and what they have not:

In March, ACG scheduled for release one title which has not yet been released, Rock n' roll Romance: The Elvis Issue #1 (a reprint of Charlton's Young Lovers #18). Three of the titles ACG scheduled for release in April have not yet been released, according to Andrew Troth's Late Comics Report. These three are: Cowboy Love #1, Fury Special #1 (a Herbie the Fat Fury reprint comic), and Marco Polo #1 by Sam Glanzman. The other six titles which ACG scheduled for release in March and April have been released and may still be available in the indie comic section of your local shop.

Unfortunately, it appears that all of ACG's releases scheduled for May are late. These include Doomsday +1 #1 (1970s Byrne), Corbo #1, Executioner Songs #1 (reprints Ditko & Boyette), and I Love You Special Edition (reprints I Love You #7 with a Kirby cover). ACG comics scheduled for release in June are: Jungle Jim #1 (by Ditko & Wood), Broadway Babes #1, Arik Khan #1, Terry & The Pirates #2, Brenda Starr #2, Manga Horror #1, Deep Terror #1 (has a Titanic cover), and the one I'm most looking forward to, All Suspense #1 which reprints 1960s ACG's superhero Nemesis, and more Ditko. Each of these titles are B&W and $2.95 each. Hopefully all of the late releases of each month will get released soon.

Archie & Friends #30, written & drawn by Bob Bolling, was released in late May. Click here for my review of it.

Comic Book Profiles #3, a magazine focusing on Neal Adams, was apparently released a week or two ago, but somehow I missed it. Erggghhhh...

Book #1, a 72-page B&W fantasy comic published by Dreamsmith Studios, was finally released this week.

A List Comics is another company that reprints old comics in an affordable B&W $2.95 format. Planet Comics #4 (originally scheduled for April) and Wings Comics #4 (May) were both released the first week of June. For the month of June, A List had scheduled L.A. Confidential #2 (1950s romance comics) and Pulp Fiction #5 (also reprints). For July, they scheduled Scream Comics #1 (horror reprints) and Jungle Comics #5. Just a note if you happen to have the 1980s Blackthorne (or was it Pacific?) reprinting of Planet Comics #1 (1940s), that A List's Planet Comics #5 includes a few of those same stories already.

Soulsearchers and Company #29 ($2.50), drawn by Dave Cockrum and Jim Mooney and published by Claypool, was supposedly released yesterday, but wasn't in my pull slot, so I suspect that it's late.

Scheduled for release in June are some magazines of interest... Comic Book Marketplace will have an issue about Stan Lee. Also being released this month are issues of The Jack Kirby Collector (#20) and Jack Kirby Quarterly (#10).
Frank Frazetta's Fantasy Illustrated #2 was released a few weeks ago, by the way.

Batman: Gordon of Gotham is halfway through now, and has been enjoyable. Issue #3 of the 4-issue mini-series goes on sale June 17. It's written by Denny O'Neil, and drawn by Dick Girodano and Klaus Janson. It's nothing spectacular, but if you enjoy police comics with barely a cape in sight, you'll like this. Another DC mini-series by an older creator has gotten underway, too -- Hardcore Station by Jim Starlin. Issue #2 is scheduled for June 10. It's gotten off to a less than thrilling start, but will be of interest to those who enjoy Starlin. Also of interest to longtime comics readers will be DC's recent timeslip stories in their Superman titles. I think that the "Golden-Age" era in Superman: Man of Steel and "Silver-Age" feel in Adventures of Superman are particularly good.

Lastly, Gemstone has been wrapping up some of their EC reprints such as Two-Fisted Tales. If you want to read these comics, better get 'em now before you have to hunt for them later in the back-issue boxes. EC comics are something which every comics aficianado should experience. Gemstone is moving more and more into the obscure EC titles as they complete their reprintings of the more famous titles. The excellent Piracy series will soon be wrapping up and I'm gonna miss it a lot. But the future looks just as bright considering some of the rare series they are going to be reprinting now. (More on that later.)

Ok, that's enough here's the stuff that's coming up in August:



Every month, I get a copy of Previews from my local comics shop. Anyone who has an item on pull or orders regularly gets Previews free there. In each issue is an order look through the issue, write down what comics you want out of the issue, and three months later when the comics come in, you buy them at the shop. Ask if your shop has anything similar to this policy; it helps prevent missing out on cool things that are coming out. You can view a list of all of August's scheduled releases at Previews' website. You can keep track of what comics are coming out each week at The New Comics Release List page. For a cool list of all of August's releases, including many cover reproductions, check out Worlds of Westfield. (Normally I'd put links to the covers at their site for various issues in question, but I decided to forego that this time around...just check out their site if you want to see the covers!)

Well, I got the new Previews yesterday and finished writing up my order of what I want. Here are some titles which I think will be of interest to other old-time fans like myself:

Curse of Dracula #2 is scheduled for August 26. This is a mini-series by Marv Wolfman and Gene Colan; 32 pages in color, $2.95. August also sees the conclusion of the Tarzan/Carson of Venus mini-series. (See my positive view of that series on the Dark Horse board.) Joe Kubert's Fax from Sarajevo will be avialble in softcover for $16.95 in August.


The big news is probably that DC is reprinting the first 80-Page Giant for release on August 5: Giant Superman Annual #1 from 1960! This will be a full color comic for $4.95. I enjoyed DC's recent Secret Origins and Green Lantern (1963) comics in this series and am looking forward to this one as well.

Well, The Kents is gone, but the creators involved in that series have new projects from DC coming in August. I'll take a pass on Ostrander & Mandrake's new venture (Martian Manhunter), but I'm defintely going to get Tim Truman's new DC mini-series, Guns of the Dragon! This is an adventure series taking place in the 1920s with Enemy Ace and Bat Lash!

Jim Starlin pencils an issue of Superman in August: Superman #139.

Jack Kirby's Fourth World #20 will be that series' last issue. It ends with an issue guest-starring Superman by Byrne.

Legends of the DC Universe continues with its tale of pre-Neal Adams GL & GA. That arc begins June 10th, by the way.

Tales Calculated to Drive You Mad #5 reprints MAD #13-15 from the 1950s. The magazine-sized issue is 96 pages, full color, for only $3.99. Goes on sale August 19. This reprint mag can also be found in some retail stores. If you aren't getting this series, you are missing out on a great chance to acquire the whole run of this historic series in a relatively inexpensive and nice format.

Other DC items of possible interest in August: Adventure Comics 80-Page Giant #1 (new material, not reprints though), The Life Story of The Flash in softcover (drawn by Gil Kane and Joe Staton, inked by Tom Palmer) for $12.95, JLA: The Nail by Alan Davis, Legion: Science Police, Power of Shazam #43 in August introduces a new Bulletgirl -- Ordway takes over as penciler of this series beginning with #42.

Yep, Image! Big Bang Comics #22 looks interesting with its 1940s Detective Comics-style cover. Plus Volume Two of their Alex Toth Zorro, and the second issue of Mask of Zorro written by Don McGregor.


Captain America: Sentinel of Liberty #2 begins a new story arc about the 1940s Invaders -- so, if a reader wanted to see more Invaders after the current Marvel Universe arc, they can just pick up Sentinel of Liberty! To make it even cooler...#2 will be issued with two different covers, and one of them will by Cap's co-creator, Joe Simon!

Speaking of Marvel Universe, #5 continues the Monster Hunters arc begun in #4. If you are a fan of the "pre-Marvel" monster comics, as I am, this will be a must-have.

DC scored a success with their 80-Page reprints, so Marvel is following suit with their own reprint: In August, look for Timely Presents: Human Torch Comics, which will reprint Human Torch Comics #5 from 1941, which told the story of the Torch vs. Sub-Mariner. This will be a 64-page comic for $5.99, and will contain a text piece by Roy Thomas as well.

Shadows & Light has been turning into an interesting series for old-time fans, what with its recent stories by longtime creators like Ditko, Starlin, and Giffen. Issue #4 of this B&W, $2.99 series is scheduled for August.

Also of possible interest.... Hawkeye, Earth's Greatest Marksman #1 (a $2.99 one-shot), Iron Man #9 (I've been enjoying this series a lot), Silver Surfer #144 & 145 (art by Jon J. Muth), Avengers #9 (Perez at his best), & Cable #59 (Ladronn's art is very Kirbyesque...check it out!). Marvel also is launching a future-characters line...I'll be picking up A-Next #1 before trying the others, it's by DeFalco/Frenz/Breeding, so it should be pretty basic, if cliched, Marvelishness.

Planet Comics #5 is the only old-time reprint title they have scheduled for August. They are aslo scheduling March Hare #1 by Keith Giffen, which used to be a Deluxe/Lodestone series if I recall right.

More great reprints scheduled, but who knows how many of these will actually arrive. (See my Update above.) Scheduled for August are Barbarians #2 (reprints Wally Wood, Tom Sutton, and Don Newton work), Not Approved #1 (reprints early Ditko and other horror comics, sounds great!), Space War Classic #1 (reprints first issue of Charlton's Space War), Power of Five #1 (Charlton reprint), Brenda Starr Pin Ups #1, and Wally Wood War #1. All except the Wood book (which is $2.75) are priced at $2.95. Oddly, Wally Wood War is listed as B&W, but the description calls it full color. I wonder if it simply reprints material that was reprinted by Charlton in a 1984 issue of Attack that I already got. Ah well, might as well order it...ya never know.

Previews is offering four old Trespassers comics in a set for $8.00. Unfortunately, I already have one of them, so I may pass it up. But if you like what you see here, then you ought to consider getting this set!

Alley Oop Adventures is a full color new comic starring the famous comic-strip caveman. $2.95.

I think Bone is a good comic for grumpy old fans to try!

Book #4 is scheduled for August. I got #1 yesterday but haven't read it yet. It's B&W and 72 pages for $3.50. George Perez inks the cover of #4. If you wanted to read #1 and regretted not seeing it at your local store, you still have time to order #4 in advance. Check out their website.

Here's a odd one....Mavis #1 by Batton Lash. This $2.95 B&W comic is a spin-off of Lash's Wolff & Byrd comics. More info can be found on this page.

A special sci-fi theme issue in Felix the Cat B&W #4. B&W, $1.95.

Issue #3 of this magazine is scheduled for August. It is 80 pages in color for $5.99. Features the talents of Rich Corben, Joe Jusko, Neil Gaiman, James Robinson, Charles Vess, and a Frazetta cover.

The moment I've been waiting for! Valor #1 debuts in August. This full color comic is $2.50 and reprints the 1955 series about chivalry and knightly combat by the likes of Wally Wood and Al Williamson. This series will replace Piracy in the Gemstone line-up. I'm looking forward to the rest of the obscure EC stuff they have waiting for us! Also scheduled for August is Vault of Horror #25 which includes a Krigstein-drawn tale.

The Spirit Jam softcover is a 48-page b&w book for $5.95 reprinting a 1981 Spirit comic that featured contributions from the likes of Brian Bolland, John Byrne, Milt Caniff, Harvey Kurtzman, Bill Sienkiewicz, Frank Miller, and some other folks whose names might look familiar.

Speaking of jams...Oni offers a benefit book for the Comic Book Legal Defense Fund, titled "Free Speeches." It is a b&w, 48-page comic for $2.95. Some of the obscure people whose work appears in this comic are Art Adams, Sergio Aragones, Jim Lee, Will Eisner, Frank Miller, Bill Sienkiewicz, Mike Allred, Jaime Hernandez, Neil Gaiman, etc. Click here for more info.

Tales from the Edge Special Nightstand Chillers Benefit Edition (whew! long title) is a 68 page b&w comic for $4.95 that focuses on the career of longtime Charlton artist Pat Boyette, including an interview. The foreword is by Alex Toth.


A bit ago on the Surveys board, there was a discussion about Wizard and what fan-mags people liked to read. (I'm proud of my blissful ignorance of Wizard's contents, of course.) I cited a bunch of other zines out there...of course, it's just a lot of talk without any chance of seeing a copy, but here are some forthcoming mags scheduled for release in August which you can order in advance right now through your local comics shop...

Comic Book Marketplace #63 is like 80 pages for $5.95. #63 will have a lot about collecting Superman in it, to coincide with Superman's 60th Anniversary. This is a mag just made for fans of old comics. Check out their website.

COMIC BOOK ARTIST #2 is the big one...I'm really looking forward to this mag big-time! Issue #1 (which was all about DC during 1967-74) came out last month, but inexplicably, I appear to be the only one on the boards who even knows it exists. So, now is your chance to get #2...which focus on Marvel during 1970-77. It's $5.95 but will be more than worth it, if #1 is any indication! Check out their webpage.

Comic Book Profiles #4 is a 40 page b&w magazine for $2.50. #4 will be all about the career of John Romita Sr., with an interview (as well as comments by Stan Lee and John Romita Jr.). Also includes a page by Fred Hembeck.

Comics Buyer's Guide #1292-1295 are scheduled for release in August, and cost $2.95 each. Comics International #97 is scheduled for August and is 100 pages for $2.35. Give 'em a try sometime.

Well, that's all for this month. Any comments or additions welcomed. Remember, if you miss any of these upcoming comics, please don't blame me... I let you know ahead of time!

Rob Imes


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