"REAL VIDEOS" & Other CCM TV Programs

"Real Videos"
and other CCM TV programs

My list of Christian Music Videos got so long that I decided to have this separate webpage for the TV programs that I have on videotape.

(Each episode is around 30 minutes long):

* Episode hosted by JENNIFER KNAPP, circa late 1999/early 2000. The theme of the episode is live performances, so all the videos are from concerts. Videos played are Jennifer Knapp's "In the Name" (Jen playing guitar alone in a field), Newsboys' "Everybody Gets a Shot," Caedmon's Call's "Thankful," Ashley Cleveland's "Gimme Shelter," and dc Talk's "Since I Met You."

Concert with different artists performing, as aired on ETC, 55 minutes long, EP speed. Features the following live performances: Caedmon's Call: "Hope to Carry On"; FFH: "When I Praise"; Andrew Peterson: "The Chasing Song"; WhisperLoud: "I Will Carry Your Pain"; Newsong: "Can't Keep a Good Man Down"; Jars of Clay: "Can't Erase It"; LaRue: "Reason"; V*Enna: "Do You Wanna Know"; Third Day: "I've Always Loved You"; Forty Days: "Everyday"; Michael W. Smith: "I Still Have the Dream." (v-tapes: Tape #117, CM #4 & Tape #114)


Hosted by Kathie Lee Gifford. Incomplete. Cuts off after dc Talk appear to present an award to Sixpence None the Richer for best group. Includes live performances by Burlap to Cashmere and Audio Adrenaline. (EP) (v-tape: #118) (source: reg. TV)

Hosted by Michael W. Smith. Performances by Point of Grace, Jaci Velasquez, Avalon (w/Aaron Neville), Mark Schultz, Plus One, Rachael Lampa, Stacie Orrico, Nicole C. Mullen, Mary Mary (w/Kirk Franklin), and Third Day (w/MWS and 2 members of Caedmon's Call). Show runs almost 2 hours; most commercials cut. (SP) (v-tape: #128) (source: WGN)

DOVE AWARDS 2002: (33rd Annual)
Hosted by Yolanda Adams and Kurt Warner. Performances by SCC ("Live Out Loud"), ZOEgirl ("With All of My Heart"), Delirious ("I Could Sing of Your Love Forever"), Rebecca St. James ("Breathe"), Kirk Franklin ("Awesome God/He Reigns"?), Sara Groves (some distortion), Jars of Clay ("I Need You"?), various artists (including Michael Tait and Crystal Lewis) perform "In God We Trust," Shaun Groves ("Welcome Home"), Third Day ("Come Together"), Joy Williams ("I Believe in You"), Downhere, Superchick perform "Barlow Girls" (introduced by Kevin Max), Point of Grace, Toby Mac (introduced by Michael Tait) performs "J Train" (with Kirk Franklin cameo at end), Nicole C. Mullen ("Call on Jesus"), MercyMe ("I Can Only Imagine"), and MWS "God You are My God." (SP) (v-tape: #156; MWS song at end on #155) (source: ETC)

"FFWD (Fast Forward)"
(Each episode is around 30 minutes long):

* Episode circa June, 1999 where the following videos were played: Plumb's "Sobering" (followed by a short Jars of Clay spot plugging FFWD, only lasts a few sec.), Bride's "Under the Blood," Kirk Franklin's "Stomp," and Lloyd's "Don't Wanna Know." End of show missing so there might have been one more video played after that. (EP) (v-tape: #113) (source: TBN)

LUIS PALAU Festival Concerts:

"A Celebration of Hope" Aired in May 2002 on TBN. Concert was from late 2001? Songs are: National anthem by Jaci Velasquez; "Spirit in the Sky" and "Say the Words" by dc Talk; "America" by Plus One; "Lean on Me" and "Throw Your Hands Up" by Kirk Franklin; "People Get Ready" by Crystal Lewis; "You Are My Hope" by Skillet; "On My Knees" and another song ("You don't miss a Thing"?) by Jaci Velasquez. (SP) (v-tape: #154) (source: TBN)

(Each episode is around 30 minutes long):

* Episode from 1993, re-run on February 24, 2002. Incomplete, cuts off during the DeGarmo & Key video. Hosted by Matt Crouch at a rodeo. Videos shown are Angelica's "Cover Me," Lisa Bevill's "Chaperone," The Winans' "Don't Leave Me," and a DeGarmo & Key video. (SP) (v-tape: #145) (source: TBN)

* Episode from 1993, re-run on March 3, 2002. Hosted by Matt Crouch at music industry trade show, cameo by singer Barry White. Videos shown are DOC/Bride's "God Gave Rock & Roll to You," Newsboys' "I Cannot Get You Out of My System," Angelica's "Cover Me," and Tamplin & Friends' "Living for My Lord." (SP) (v-tape: #146) (source: TBN)

* Episode from circa 1993, re-run on March 10, 2002, hosted by singer Kim Boyce at Dodgers Stadium. Videos shown are Carman's "Who's in the House?" Kim Boyce's "Celebrate," Phil Driscoll's "Greatest Love," and The Winans' "Payday." Includes some snippets of footage of Kim performing in concert. Her band also talks in this episode; Kim sings the national anthem at the end. (SP) (v-tape: #152) (source: TBN)

* Episode from circa 1993, re-run on March 17, 2002, hosted by Matt Crouch at a rodeo. Videos shown are dc Talk's "Walls," Susan Ashton's "Here in My Heart," Wayne Watson's "Long Arm of the Law" and Steven Curtis Chapman's "The Great Adventure." (SP) (v-tape: #149) (source: TBN)

* Episode from circa 1993, re-run on March 17, 2002, hosted by Rick Cua. Cameos by John Schlitt of Petra and Mike E. Videos shown are Geoff Moore & The Distance's "Life Together," Dakoda Motor Company's "Stand Up" and an incomplete Petra song (no title given, something like "I Am the Rock"?). They also played a Commissioned song and a Clay Crosse song at the beginning of the show but I cut those, as well as Rick's talking bit between those two songs. (SP) (v-tape: #149) (source: TBN)

* Episode from circa 1993 (which itself was apparently a rerun of an earlier show?), re-run on April 14, 2002, hosted by The Altar Boys, who perform live in concert at the end. Videos shown are Margaret Becker's "Keep My Mind," Altar Boys' "Hearts Lost in Nowhere," and a song by The Winans. (SP) (v-tape: #139) (source: TBN)

* Episode from 1994, re-run on April 21, 2002, with guest Crystal Lewis. Videos shown are Angie & Debbie Winans' "Light of Love," Crystal Lewis' "I Now Live," Petra's "Midnight Oil," and Cindy Morgan's "I Will Be Free." (SP) (v-tape: #139) (source: TBN)

* Episode from 1993, re-run circa April 2002, hosted by Matt Crouch in an air balloon. Abrupt opening. Incomplete show; I'm missing around 8 minutes near the beginning of the show, missing a Geoff Moore & the Distance video that was played. The other videos they played: Petra's "Dance," Phil Keaggy's "I Will Be There," and Two Hearts' "Miracles." (SP) (v-tape: #149) (source: TBN)

* Episode from circa 1994, re-run circa May 2002, hosted by Dream of Eden. The videos played were: Newsboys' "I Cannot Get You Out of My System" (best?), Dream of Eden's "Blessed are the Hungry," dc Talk's "Jesus is Still Alright," and Dakota Motor Co.'s "Grey Clouds." Dream of Eden also perform a song on the show. (SP) (v-tape: #155) (source: TBN)

* Episode from circa 1994, re-run on June 1, 2002; hosted by NEWSBOYS (minus Peter Furler and Phil Joel). The videos played were: Newsboys' "Shine," Kathy Troccoli's "Mission of Love," Out of the Grey's "All We Need," Dakota Motor Co.'s "Truth," and Susan Ashton's "Here in my Heart." (SP) (v-tape: #154) (source: TBN)

* Episode from circa 1994, re-run on June 9, 2002; hosted by RACHEL RACHEL. The videos played were: Michael James' "Love Will," Rachel Rachel's "Carry On Wayward Son," a Stryper or Michael Sweet video (no credits given), and Lisa Bevill's "Hold On." (SP) (v-tape: #149) (source: TBN)

* Episode from circa 1994, re-run on June 23, 2002; hosted by Matt Crouch, interviewing AUDIO ADRENALINE. The videos played were: "P.D.A." and "Big House" by Audio Adrenaline; "Truth" by Dakota Motor Co.; and "Bannerman" by Steve Taylor. (SP) (v-tape: #142) (source: TBN)

* Episode from circa 1994, re-run circa July 20, 2002; behind-the-scenes with the group BENJAMIN. Tiffany Arbuckle, later of PLUMB, was one of the singers in this group and is shown briefly. The videos played were: "A.K.A. Public School" by Audio Adrenaline, "Come to Me" by Ian Eskelin (before he became lead singer of All Star United), "God is Up to Something" by Janet Paschal, "I Cannot Get You Out of My System" by Newsboys, and "Don't Tell Him You Love Him" by Benjamin. (SP) (v-tape: #157) (source: TBN)

* Episode from Xmas, 1997, hosted by REBECCA ST. JAMES. The videos include Ray Boltz's "The Gift," Kirk Franklin & The Family's "Jesus is the Reason," Jim Brickman & Colin Raye's "The Gift" (this version doesn't have Susan Ashton singing), Steve Green's "Amazing Grace," and Geoff Moore & The Distance's "Heart to God, Hand to Man." The episode concludes with a special "video" of Rebecca performing "O Come All Ye Faithful." (SP) (v-tape: #126) (source: TBN)

* Episode circa 1997-98 focusing on MISS ANGIE, featuring behind-the-scenes of the recording of her first album. Missing the very beginning (most of the opening title sequence) and missing the final 10 minutes of the show. Videos played are "Jigsaw" by Insyderz, "Lift My Eyes" by Miss Angie, "Sobering" by Plumb, and "Gimme Shelter" by Ashley Cleveland. (EP) (20 minutes) (source: TBN)

* Episode circa 1998 hosted by rapper T-Bone. Begins in progress with dc Talk's "Jesus Freak." The videos that follow are Bride's "The Worm," Stryper's "Honestly," Nuwine's "One Million Souls," and Audio Adrenaline's "Some Kind of Zombie." (EP) (v-tape: Tape #111) (source: TBN)

* Episode hosted by BLEACH, circa 1998. Contains Switchfoot's "Chem 6A," Bleach's "Child of Sod" and "Epidermis Girl." (Stryper's "Calling on You" and John Jonethis' "Flood" were also shown, but I cut them when taping the show.) (EP) (v-tape: #113) (source: TBN)

* Episode hosted by PAM THUM and TAMMY TRENT, Thanksgiving 1998. Videos played are Tammy Trent's "Welcome Home," Pam Thum's "No Shadows, No Doubts," dc Talk, "My Friend (So Long)," Newsboys' "Entertaining Angels," and Insyderz's "He Has Made Me Glad." (SP) (v-tape: #112) (source: TBN)

* Episode hosted by REBECCA ST. JAMES, Spring 1999. Missing like 2 seconds of the beginning! Videos shown are: dc Talk's "Jesus Freak," Rebecca St. James' "Pray," Crystal Lewis' "I Now Live," The W's "The Devil is Bad," Carman's "Resurrection Rap," and Bloodgood's "The Messiah" (from 1987). (SP) (v-tape: #124) (source: TBN)

* Episode circa August, 1999 with Will & Ben of AUDIO ADRENALINE. Videos played are Dogwood: "Feel the Burn," Audio Adrenaline: "Blitz," Supertones: "Chase the Sun," Dawkins & Dawkins, "Wrapped Up," All Together Separate: "Paradigm," and FFH: "One of These Days." (EP) (v-tape: #113) (source: TBN)

* Episode hosted by LaRUE, circa late 1999. Videos played are LaRue's "Reason," The Corbans' "Give Yourself Away," Skypark's "What God Does," Switchfoot's "New Way to Be Human" (no bell at beginning, but has full end), B.O.B.'s "Mission Trip to Mexico," and Nicole C. Mullen's "Redeemer." (EP) (v-tape: #118) (source: TBN)

* Episode hosted by Peter Furler and Jeff Frankenstein of NEWSBOYS, showing behind-the-scenes of the Love Liberty Disco airdome tour (2000). Kevin Max of dc Talk appears at the end and leads a prayer with T-Bone. Videos shown are: "Love Liberty Disco," "I Can't Get You Out of My System," "Everybody Gets a Shot," "Shine," and "Entertaining Angels," all by Newsboys. (SP) (v-tape: #129) (source: TBN)

* Episode where JENNIFER KNAPP was interviewed between the videos. Missing most of the show's opening sequence. Videos shown were: Jen's "A Little More," Delirious' "Gravity" (both in SP speed, the following are in EP speed), Salvador's "Lord I Come Before You" (I cut most of this one), Trin-i-Tee's "Put Your Hands," Jars of Clay's "Unforgetful You," and dc Talk's "Since I Met You." (v-tape: CM #5) (source: TBN)

* Episode hosted by rapper T-Bone, from 2000. Videos played are P.O.D.'s "Rock the Party," PAX 217's "No Place Like Home," dc Talk's "Jesus Freak," Newsboys' "Everybody Gets a Shot," Switchfoot's "Chem 6A," and Luna Halo's "Superman." (EP) (v-tape: #116) (source: TBN)

* Episode hosted by PHIL JOEL, from 2000. Videos played are Phil Joel's "God is Watching Over You," Supertones' "Chase the Sun," Newsboys' "Love Liberty Disco," Skillet's "Best Kept Secret," and Newsboys' "Entertaining Angels." (SP) (v-tape: Tape #C) (source: TBN)

* Episode hosted by T-Bone, 2001, where he debuts his new video "Ride Wit Me" at the end of the program. Other videos played include Audio Adrenaline's "Blitz" and T-Bone's "Lyrical Assassin" and "Throwin' Out Tha Wicked." Missing very beginning of episode prior to the show's usual opening sequence. (EP) (v-tape: CM #6) (source: TBN)

* Episode hosted by THE SUPERTONES (the whole band), from April 21, 2001. They debut their new video "Wilderness" at the end of the program. Other videos played include "Supertones Strike Back," "Escape from Reason," "Chase the Sun," and "Adonai" (although they all tend to have rushed openings). (SP) (v-tape: #122) (source: TBN)

* Episode from April 28, 2001 with AUDIO ADRENALINE. Videos played are "Hands and Feet," "Get Down," "Big House," and "Never Gonna Be as Big as Jesus." (SP) (v-tape: #122) (source: TBN)

* Episode from May 12, 2001 hosted by REBECCA ST. JAMES. Videos played are "Pray" and "Reborn" by Rebecca, plus "One Time" by Earthsuit and "Live for You" by Rachael Lampa. (SP) (v-tape: #130) (source: TBN)

* Episode from Sept. 15, 2001 with BLEACH. Videos played are Bleach's "Super Good Feeling," Switchfoot's "You Already Take Me There," MXPX's "Moneytree," Kirk Franklin's "Revolution," and Crystal Lewis' "Trust Me." (SP) (v-tape: #135) (source: TBN)

* Episode circa Oct. 7, 2001 which has some talk with artists at the 2001 Dove Awards. Geoff Moore & Rebecca St. James have a short talk with Mary Mary and Kirk Franklin, then with Nicole C. Mullen. Geoff also talks with Third Day. Toby McKeehan introduces his video, "Extreme Days." Other videos played are Third Day's "Your Love, Oh Lord," Nicole C. Mullen's "Redeemer," and "Thank You" by Kirk Franklin and Mary Mary. (SP) (v-tape: #137) (source: TBN)

* Episode from Oct. 13, 2001 with SKILLET. Videos played are Delirious' "Gravity," Skillet's "Best Kept Secret," The W's "The Devil is Bad," Skillet's "Alien Youth" and Jaci Velasquez's "Adore." (SP) (v-tape: #136) (source: TBN)

* Episode circa October 2001 with NIKKI LEONTI interviewed by T Bone. Videos played are Stacie Orrico's "Genuine," Steven Curtis Chapman's "Dive," LaRue's "Reason," Nikki Leonti's "Shoelaces," and Third Day's "Your Love, Oh Lord." (SP) (v-tape: #140) (source: TBN)

* Episode aired in February 2002 hosted by LaRUE at a Nashville cafe. Videos played are LaRue's "Reason," Relient K's "Pressng On," LaRue's "Jaded," and Rebecca St. James' "Wait for Me." (SP) (v-tape: #143) (source: TBN)

* Hourlong episode aired in March 2002 with T Bone interviewing KEVIN MAX for the first third of the show, the band TAIT for the second third, and TOBY MAC for the last third. Videos played are (all by dc Talk unless otherwise stated): "Existence" (Kevin Max), "Consume Me," "Jesus Freak," "In the Light," "Altars" (Tait), "Colored People," "I Wish We'd All Been Ready," "Extreme Days" (Toby Mac). (SP) (v-tape: #152) (source: TBN)

* Episode aired on June 9, 2002 backstage at the 2002 Dove Awards, hosted by T Bone and Lisa Kimmey of Out of Eden. Only several seconds of each artists' video(s) are shown prior to being interviewed. Brief interviews with Jars of Clay, Skillet, Toby Mac, Crystal Lewis & Plus One, Yolanda Adams & Nicole C. Mullen, MercyMe, Kirk Franklin, Jaci Velasquez, ZOEgirl, and more! (SP) (v-tape: #149) (source: TBN)

(Each episode is around 30 minutes long):

* Episode circa June, 1999 where the following videos were played: "Gospel Love" by Scarecrow & Tinmen, "Spring" by Between Thieves, and "Thicker" by Chasing Furies. (EP) (v-tape: #113) (source: TBN)

* Episode focusing on AUDIO ADRENALINE, circa August 1999. Contains interviews with the band and "behind the scenes" of the making of the "Get Down" video. Videos shown are "Never Gonna Be as Big as Jesus," "Some Kind of Zombie," "Blitz," and "Get Down." (My tape cut off halfway through "Get Down," which was the final song, I believe.) (EP) (v-tape: #113) (source: TBN)

* Episode about mission trips, from 2000. Contains short interview clips with members of Broomtree and Mark and Will of Audio Adrenaline. Videos shown are B.O.B.'s "Mission Trip to Mexico," Jennifer Knapp's "A Little More," and Audio Adrenaline's "Hands and Feet" (introduced by Mark & Will). (EP) (v-tape: #127) (source: TBN)

* Episode circa Oct. 7, 2001 about Christian Music. Mostly contains fans talking about favorite songs, as well as brief talk by Five Iron Frenzy, the singer in PAX 217, and Ronnie Martin of Joy Electric. Video played is GS Megaphone's "Use Me." (SP) (v-tape: #137) (source: TBN)

* Episode circa October 2001 about Christian Music. John Cooper of Skillet talks about meaning of "Invincible." P.O.D.'s "Alive" video is played. (SP) (v-tape: #140) (source: TBN)

* Segments from the episode that aired on June 9, 2002 about healing. Everything cut except for around 16 minutes where Skillet, The Benjamin Gate (only half of their comments), and Superchick talk about the topic. (SP) (v-tape: #143) (source: TBN)

Episode of CNN's music show which focused on CCM, including video clips, concert clips, and interview clips by many CCM artists. A good introduction to CCM for anyone wanting to have the entire genre summed up in 25 minutes, with examples of as many artists as possible. Very short interviews with Jennifer Knapp, Earthsuit, Damita, Jaci Velasquez, Peter Furler, Rachael Lampa, and more. (SP) (v-tape: #126) (source: CNN)

CNN Headline News item about CCM
with clips of Point of Grace, Supertones, and Peter Furler talking about Festival Con Dios. Aired on "Headline News" circa May 2001. (SP) (v-tape: #74)