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Last updated: 14 March 2009

Note: West Road was originally called Pine until the 1940s. The 1933 & 1936 city directories describe Pine as running "from Detroit River, west to DT & IRR" (the train tracks just east of Fort Street). West Road was described as "continuation of Pine, west to [city] limits." However, Pine was the most commonly used name for this road, including the portion west of Fort Street, until the 1940s. As with Biddle and West Jefferson (which was called Washington Avenue before the 1930s), the address numbers prior to the 1930s do not match up with the address numbers today. And while both Biddle and West Jefferson have buildings which existed during both numbering eras (such as the Arlington Hotel and Trenton Hotel respectively), West Road was in its infancy during the Pine era. At any rate, I have put the information taken from pre-1930s sources at the beginning of the page, which is appropriate considering that all of these places were likely near the beginning of West Road, east of the viaduct (which was dedicated and opened to traffic on Friday, August 10, 1939).

pre-1930s addresses:

foot of PINE (Trenton)
1921: Trenton and Grosse Ile Ferry

PINE, corner Washington Ave. [West Jefferson] (Trenton)
1921: Trenton Plumbing & Supply Co.

s s PINE 1 w of Washington Ave. [West Jefferson] (Trenton)
1907: Reuben M. Oloane

41 PINE (Trenton)
1921: Julian Monti (shoe repair)

rear 41 PINE (Trenton)
1921: Nelson H. Sutherby (blacksmith & horseshoer)

42 PINE (Trenton)
1921: Spaller & Hedke (electrical supplies)
Also Richard J. LaBelle, Justice of the Peace.

47 PINE (Trenton)
1921: Labadie & Mitchell (ice dealers)
1926: John W. Labadie
John's wife was named Helen. Also living here was Edna M. Labadie, student. According to the Trenton Historical Society's death certificate database, John W. Labadie died on July 12, 1952 and Helen Labadie died on October 30, 1941. They are shown later to be living at 251 West Road, so 47 Pine may be the same address.

52 PINE (Trenton)
1926: Roy Casteter (electrician)
His wife was named Carmen.

59 PINE (Trenton)
1921: Leonard W. Bailey (grocer)

100 WEST (Trenton)
1989: not listed
2007: apartment house
Trenton Pier apartment houses occupy the NW corner of West Road & Riverside Drive. The apartments were built around the late 1990s. Here are the address numbers for the Trenton Pier apartments on West Road: 100, 102, 104, 106, 108, 110, 112, 114, 116, and 118.

125 WEST (Trenton)
1945: Garden Gift Shop
1989: not listed
2007: no such address

130 WEST (Trenton)
1945: not listed
1956: Trenton Cab / Veterans Cab Co.
1989: not listed
2007: no such address

133 WEST (Trenton)
1945: not listed
1956: Michigan Bell Telephone Co. (office)
1971: Ciullo Tax Service
1989: Arthur J. Plonka, C.P.A.
2007: Arthur J. Plonka, C.P.A., P.L.C. (income tax)

135 WEST (Trenton)
1933: Sherman R. Roden
His wife was named Louisa.
1936: Ida Pine
Ida was the widow of William N. Pine. (Perhaps West Road's early Pine name comes from this family?) Also living here was Viola Pine.
1938: Mrs. Ida Pine
1940: Trenton Beauty Shop
Also listed: Clayton J. Wilson, barber.
1945: Tynan Hair Style (beauty shop)
Also listed: Clayton J. Wilson, barber.
1956: Trenton Barber Shop
Also called Tynan Hair Style beauty shop.
1975: Miss Carol's Hair Fashions
1989: Roy's Barber Shop / Hairstyles by Gerry
1994: George's Barber Shop
George Bailey, barber, "formerly with Roy."
2007: no such address (unless now 139 West)

139 WEST (Trenton)
1989: not listed
2007: Hair Styles By Gerry (Full Service Hair Salon)
Sign also lists this as Tansley's Upper Cuts.

143 WEST (Trenton)
(YEAR BUILT: 1916)
1936: John W. Kania
John was a machine operator. His wife was named Ella.
1938: John W. Kania
1945: Mrs. Ella Kania
1956: Mrs. Ella M. Kania
According to the Trenton Historical Society's death certificate database, Ella May Kania died on November 11, 1964. She is buried at Bloomdale Cemetery.
1989: vacant
2007: house

205 WEST (Trenton)
1938: Russell R. Barrow (filling station)
1940: Al's Standard Service (gas station)
1945: Edward F. Cafferty (filling station)
1956: Teifer's Standard Service gas station
1989: not listed

212-224 WEST (Trenton)
1945: Ellias Apartments (10 rooms)
1956: Ellias Apartments
1989: not listed

214 WEST (Trenton)
1945: Frank T. Snyder, barber
1950: John S. Budziak, barber
1956: John S. Budziak, barber
1989: not listed

216 WEST (Trenton)
1945: Nina's Beauty Shop
1950: Szites Bakery (another one is at 2023 West)
1956: Courtesy Record and Music Shoppe
1989: not listed

220 WEST (Trenton)
1945: Ray's Radio Shop
1949-50: Ray's Radio Store
1950: McIntyre's Television and Radio
Name change to McIntyre's according to 6/12/1950 Wyandotte Tribune article.
1956: part of Courtesy Record & Music Shoppe
1989: not listed

222 WEST (Trenton)
1945: Michigan Bell Telephone Co. (office)
1950: Michigan Bell Telephone Co. (office)
1956: Trenton Loan Co.
1989: not listed

223 WEST (Trenton) (corner of West and West Jefferson)
1938: Alf A. Commet
1940: Joseph Smith (restaurant)
1945: Thomas Hardware
1956: vacant
1964: Navarre Shoes (address number not given)
1973: Navarre Shoes
1975: Navarre Shoes
1977: Navarre Shoes
1989: Trenton School of Dance

224 WEST (Trenton)
1945: Elaine A. Senk
1989: not listed

232 WEST (Trenton)
1938: Trenton Inn (beer)
Also listed: Mrs. Rose Hicks, Lora Schloff, and Hazel E. Hansen.
1940: Trenton Inn (Louis Miank) (restaurant, beer)
1945: Ernest W. Mitchell (beer garden)
Also listed: Mrs. Ida W. O'Donnell
1956: Church of God Mount Assembly
1989: not listed

233 WEST (Trenton)
1933: Arthur Theline
Apparently Arthur worked as a shoe repairman from his home. His wife was named Grace.
1989: not listed

234 WEST (Trenton)
1936: Arthur LeMieux
Arthur was an autoworker. His wife Edythe was a waiter at the Cozy Diner.
1989: not listed

239 WEST (Trenton)
1938: Howard Chevrolet Co. (used car dept)
1945: Howard Chevrolet Co. (used car dept)
1950: vacant
1989: Trenton Pavillion

242 WEST (Trenton)
1933: Stevan F. Zimmer
Stevan was a machine operator at the Ford Motor Co. in Dearborn. His wife was named Elizabeth.
1936: Romeo Bardoni
Romeo's occupation was listed as "lab." His wife was named Mary. Albert Baldone, a barber at 241 West Jefferson, was also a resident here.
1938: Romeo Bardoni
1945: Romeo Bardoni
1989: not listed

251 WEST (Trenton)
1936: John W. Labadie
John's wife was named Helen. This address may have been called 47 Pine prior to the 1930s.
1938: John W. Labadie
1945: John W. Labadie (also see 257 West)
1989: not listed

252 WEST (Trenton)
1989: not listed
2007: Salon Baci

254 WEST (Trenton) (NE corner of West & Third Street)
1938: Michigan Bell Telephone Co.
1940: Michigan Bell Telephone Co.
1945: Michigan Bell Telephone Co.
1950: Michigan Bell Telephone Co. (traffic dept.)
1975: Manor Furniture Co.
Ad says "Since 1937."
1989: Manor Furniture Co.
2006-2007: Cosmetic and Family Dentistry

257 WEST (Trenton)
1945: J. W. Labadie Co. (coal)
1950: J. W. Labadie & Co. (coal)
1989: not listed

301 WEST (Trenton)
1945: vacant
1989: not listed

333 WEST (Trenton)
1933: Susan Adams (grocery)
Susan was the widow of Edward Adams. She also lived at this address.
1936: Martin Shaw (grocery)
1938: Martin Shaw (grocery)
1940: Martin Shaw (grocery)
1945: Martin Shaw (grocery)
1956: Trenton Bar-B-Que restaurant
1960: Trenton Beef House
1989: not listed
2007: no such address

345 WEST (Trenton)
1936: Ernest Taylor
Ernest's wife was named Edna.
1938: Laverne H. Parsons / Albert C. Smith / Mrs. Elizabeth Smith / James A. Pryor / Fred Shaveky
1945: Mrs. Goldie H. Mullens / Stewart McDaniels / Oscar Collins / Arthur Champlain
1989: not listed
2007: no such address

407 WEST (Trenton)
1938: Mose Denno
1945: Mrs. Emma Denno
1989: not listed
2007: no such address

410 WEST (Trenton) (NE corner of West & Fourth Street)
1933: Martin Shaw
Martin was a millwright. His wife was named Ada.
1936: Martin Shaw
Martin ran a grocery store at 333 West. His wife was named Ada. Also living here was Ernest L. Kent, a meatcutter; Mrs. Lucina Kent; and Richard E. Kent, a clerk.
1938: Martin Shaw / Merle A. Smith
1945: Martin Shaw / Merle A. Smith (also see 333 West)
1989: Charles H. Yount (listed as 410a)
2007: house
Located next to the viaduct.

417 WEST (Trenton) (SW corner of West & Fourth Street)
(YEAR BUILT: 1890)
1936: Raffaele Gasparroni
Raffaele's occupation was listed as "lab." His wife was named Mary. Also living here was Egle Gasparroni, a student. The Trenton Historical Society's death certificate database says that Raffaele died on June 30, 1964.
1938: Raffaele Gasparroni
1945: Lorenzo C. Hill
1989: no answer
2007: house
Located next to the viaduct.

422 WEST (Trenton)
(YEAR BUILT: 1880)
1933: Edith Tucker
1936: Leverett Kennedy
Leverett was a switchman. His wife was named Harriett.
1938: Rudolph Pomrenke
The Trenton Historical Society's death certificate database says that a Rudolph E. Pomrenke died on February 4, 1944.
1945: Charles A. Bissontz
1989: Ethel A. Head
2007: house
Located next to the viaduct.

425 WEST (Trenton)
(YEAR BUILT: 1906)
1936: Bernard Kohler
Bernard was a machine operator. His wife was named Grace.
1938: Bernard Kohler
1945: Bernard H. Kohler
1989: S. A. Aben
2007: no such address (unless same as 435)

434 WEST (Trenton)
(YEAR BUILT: 1939)
1945: Gerard C. LaPere
1989: no answer
2007: house
Located next to the viaduct.

435 WEST (Trenton)
(YEAR BUILT: 1954)
1989: Walter B. Watson
2007: house
Located next to the viaduct. Same as 425 West?

436 WEST (Trenton)
1936: John Hassel
John was an autoworker.
1938: Joseph Gorgone
The Trenton Historical Society's death certificate database lists a Joseph Gorgone as having died on April 25, 1978.
1989: not listed
2007: no such address

440 WEST (Trenton)
(YEAR BUILT: 1920)
1945: William S. Matthews
1989: Patrick J. Day
2007: house
Located next to the viaduct.

443 WEST (Trenton)
1936: John Balcom
John's occupation was listed as "lab." His wife was named Essie. Also living here was Mrs. Clara Labo, a telephone operator.
1938: John Balcom
1945: David W. Bradd Jr.
The Trenton Historical Society's death certificate database lists a David Wesley Bradd as having died on January 6, 1994.
1989: not listed
2007: no such address

445 WEST (Trenton) (SE corner of West & Fifth Street)
(YEAR BUILT: 1875) (oldest house on West Road?)
1945: Charles J. Riddick
1989: vacant
2007: house
Located next to the viaduct. This appears to be the last address on West Road, on the south side of the street, east of the train tracks. There is another house just west of this one, at the SW corner of West & Fifth Street, but its address is 2814 Fifth Street. Fifth Street runs underneath the viaduct, the only street to do so.

446 WEST (Trenton)
(YEAR BUILT: 1940)
1945: Vern Palmer
1989: vacant
2007: house
Located next to the viaduct.

452 WEST (Trenton) (NE corner of West & Fifth Street)
(YEAR BUILT: 1940)
1945: Arnold L. Mulheisen
The Trenton Historical Society's death certificate database lists an Arnold Louis Mulheisen as having died on August 18, 1985.
1989: John Smith
2007: house
Located next to the viaduct.

500 WEST (Trenton) (NW corner of West & Fifth Street)
1989: vacant
2007: building
This large building is located next to the viaduct and appears to be the last building on West Road east of the many train tracks that run underneath the viaduct.

502 WEST (Trenton)
1945: Joseph Ferrebee
2007: no such address

505 WEST (Trenton)
1938: Andrew Lambrix / Fredk. R. Campau
2007: no such address seen

506 WEST (Trenton)
1936: William L. Montgomery (filling station)
1938: William L. Montgomery (filling station)
Also listed: Charles A. Brashare (rear).
1940: William L. Montgomery (gas station)
1945: not listed
1956: H & H Research Co.
2007: no such address seen

507 WEST (Trenton)
1938: Weren Smith
2007: no such address seen

533 WEST (Trenton)
1938: N. A. Mans & Sons Inc. (lumber)
1945: N. A. Mans & Sons Inc. (lumber yards)
1950: N. A. Mans & Sons lumber yard
2007: no such address seen

600 WEST (Trenton)
1938: Standard Oil Co. bulk plant
1940: Standard Oil Co.
1945: not listed
2007: no such address seen

633 WEST (Trenton)
1933: Theodore Teifer
Theodore worked as a driver for the Fairall Trucking Co. in Lincoln Park. His wife was named Pearl.
1936: Arthur J. Fulmer
Arthur was a carpenter. His wife was named Norine.
1938: Willis A. Swinford
2007: no such address seen

667 WEST (Trenton)
1933: Glenn Cade
Glenn was a toolmaker. His wife was named Minnie.
2007: no such address seen

671 WEST (Trenton)
1933: Samuel Wasilif
2007: no such address seen

1310 WEST (Trenton)
1985: Wayne Tool & Supply
1989: not listed in city directory
2007: Wayne Tool & Supply
Number not seen.

1350 WEST (Trenton)
2007: Box N Lox Storage
Storage buildings located next to the viaduct.

1395 WEST (Trenton)
1985: The Quonset House (City Department Parks & Recreation)
1989: The City Quonset House (Department Parks & Recreation)
2007: address not seen

1405 WEST (Trenton)
1938: Edward Milligan
1945: Edward Milligan
1950: Roy E. Castetter / Robert E. Ludwig
2007: no such address

1411 WEST (Trenton)
(YEAR BUILT: 1936)
1938: William A. Stedman
1945: William A. Stedman
1950: William A. Stedman
1985: Donald Brown / Katherine Bouknight
1989: Donald Brown / Katherine Bouknight
2007: house
This large house is located next to the viaduct, around its midway point, and is the only house in this area.

1431 WEST (Trenton)
1945: not listed
1989: City Public Services Building / City Department of Public Works
2006-2007: Trenton D. P. W. (Dept of Public Works)

1575 WEST (Trenton)
1936: Harold Allen
Harold was an auto worker.
1938: Edward D. Allen
2007: no such address

1593 WEST (Trenton)
1936: Alex Walker
1938: Alex Walker
1945: not listed
1950: Grace M. Dulco
2007: no such address

1595 WEST (Trenton)
1933: Thomas Thompson
His wife was named Rosie. Also living here was Elton Thompson.
1936: William E. Thompson
His wife was named Rossmond. Also living here was Paul Allore, whose occupation was listed as "laborer."
1938: Theodore F. Sandquist
1945: William E. Thompson
1950: Fred T. Hill / W. W. Hammack
2006: The Lighthouse (Quality Lighting & Accessories)

1614 WEST (Trenton)
1950: no such address
1956: Trenton Dairy Queen
1975: Trenton Dairy Queen
1980: Trenton Dairy Queen
1989: Trenton Dairy Queen
2006: Dairy Queen

1620 WEST (Trenton)
1956: Ray Ridge Chevrolet (used car lot)
2007: no such address

1621 WEST (Trenton)
1989: T.L.H. Design Resources (interior decorating)
2007: Fireside Wildlife Gallery

1623 WEST (Trenton)
1989: Trenton Area Hearthside Fireplace & BBQ (wood stoves & bbq accessories)
2007: Hearthside Fireplace & Barbeque

1625 WEST (Trenton)
1936: Mary S. Walker
Mary was the widow of John T. Walker. Also listed as residents here are John Shearer, a painter; and Richard F. Gough and his wife Bertha. The Trenton Historical Society's death certificate database says John T. Walker died on February 23, 1929.
1938: Harold T. Francis
1945: Charles E. Osborn
1950: William G. Henderson, Jr.
1956: Windsor J. Tillman; Bud Manning
1989: Carefree (kitchen cabinets)
2006: Slick Disc (record store)
Slick Disc moved here circa spring 2006, across the street from the Dairy Queen. Their previous location was at 2320 West, closer to the high school. No number seen on building.

1637 WEST (Trenton)
1933: Susan Church
1936: Edwin J. Newson
Edwin was a draftsman. His wife was named Grace.
1938: Mrs. Mary S. Walker (also see 1625 West)
1945: Raymond Wagner / Hans Rousenbrouch
1950: Charles O. Woolcott / Franklin Gass / Thomas Deskin / Gene Brown
1956: various people
1975: Quik Pik Food Store
1980: Quik-Pik Food Store
1985: Quik-Pik Food Store
1989: Four Star Market
1994: Four Star Market
2006-2007: Four Star Market (liquor store)

1643 WEST (Trenton)
1975: Bailey Kitchens
1989: Metro Duramed (orthopedic supply)
2007: W. C. McLeod Agency

1645 WEST (Trenton)
1985: H & R Block (Seasonal Occupancy)
1989: vacant
2007: Maria's Ecle'ctic (Full Service Salon & Spa)

1647 WEST (Trenton) (SE corner of West & William R)
1950: George Kleban (grocery)
1956: Wool Cott Market (grocery)
1966: O'Shea's Corner Store
1971: O'Shea's Corner Store
1989: Trenton House Upholstering
2006-2007: Trenton Guitar Repair

1700 WEST (Trenton) (NE corner of West & Fort Street)
1989: New Triangle Auto Wash Inc.
2006-2007: Walgreens

1707 WEST (Trenton) (SW corner of West & William R)
1975: Labadie’s TV & Appliance
1991: Labadie’s
2006-2007: Labadie’s Casual Furniture

1709 WEST (Trenton)
1945: George C. Huebener
1950: Russell C. Chinavore / Theodore O. Walker
1956: Russell Chinavare
2007: no such address seen
A large house is located behind (and right up against) the Labadie's Furniture store at 1707 West. The store appears to have been built around the house. This address is likely to be the same as that house.

1711 WEST (Trenton)
1950: Darrel Haws
2007: no such address seen

1720 WEST (Trenton) (NE corner of West & Fort Street)
1985: Jeff's Amoco
1989: Jeff's Amoco (gas station)
2007: no such address
Walgreens (at 1700 West) took over this location in the late 1990s. This would be the spot of the Walgreens parking lot.

1721 WEST (Trenton)
1975: Kone's Restaurant
1980: Fine Foods by Konee
1985: George's Family Restaurant
2006-2007: George's Family Restaurant
No number seen on building.

1731 WEST (Trenton)
1926: Bernard C. Dussia
No number given. The 1926 directory lists it as "s s Pine 6 west of DT & IRR," presumably this is the same address. Bernard was a carpenter and his wife was named Mabel. The Trenton Historical Society's death certificate database says that Bernard C. Dussia died on May 28, 1954.
1933: Bernard Dussia
Bernard was a carpenter and his wife was named Mabel. Also living here was Silas Dussia, a student.
1936: Bernard C. Dussia
Bernard was a carpenter and his wife was named Mabel. Also living here was Silas B. Dussia and Velda M. Dussia, a student.
1938: Bernard C. Dussia
1945: Bernard C. Dussia
1950: Bernard C. Dussia
1956: Mrs. Mable M. Dussia
2007: no such address
This building surely must no longer exist. It perhaps would have been located on the present-day parking lot of the restaurant at 1721 West.

1816 WEST (Trenton) (NW corner of West & Fort Street)
1953: Webb's Friendly Service (gas station)
Trenton Times article from June 11, 1953 notes: "Webb's Friendly Service, Mobil-gas dealers at the intersection of Fort st. and West rd., is owned by Everett S. Webb, 2621 Rutledge. The station was moved from a [2579] West Jefferson ave. location to its present site six years ago" (i.e., circa 1948).
1956: Webb's Friendly Service (gas station)
1994: King's Mobil Service
2006-2007: Tim Hortons (fast-food restaurant)

1840 WEST (Trenton)
1950: Arthur C. Dixon
2007: no such address

1844 WEST (Trenton)
1945: Frank Lory (also see 1848 and 1860 West)
1950: Arthur C. Dixon
1956: Felix K. Milton, chiropractor (listed as 1844-46)
2007: no such address

1848 WEST (Trenton)
1945: Frank Lory (confectionary)
1950: Clifford S. Anderson, drugs
1953: Breton Woods Pharmacy
Trenton Times article from June 11, 1953 notes: "Breton Woods Pharmacy, only drug store serving the large area [i.e., west of Fort] is located at 1848 West rd. Owner Clifford Anderson, 2917 Fourth st., moved to the present location six years ago."
1956: Best Welding Supply Co.
2007: no such address

1852 WEST (Trenton)
1950: Trenton Electric Co.
1953: Trenton Electric Co.
Trenton Times article from June 11, 1953 notes: "New owners of an established business are Mr. and Mrs. Robert Hammond, of Ecorse, who purchased the Trenton Electric Co. last October."
1956: Walter W. Warrow, barber
1985: Trenton Printing & Duplicating
2007: no such address

1860 WEST (Trenton)
1940: Frank Lory (grocery)
The book Truago Truaxton Trenton notes: "The first store built beyond Fort Street [i.e., west of Fort] was a grocery store owned and operated by Frank Lory in the late 1930's. He first built the one story building, the following year he added the second story where the Lory family lived. Mr. Lory sold to Mr. LaFeve. Now [circa 1976] the Green Room Beauty Shop."
1941: LaFeve Market (grocery)
Trenton Times article from June 11, 1953 notes: "Oldest established business in the [west Trenton] area is LaFeve's Market, located at 1860 West rd. since 1941. Owner of the grocery store is Nelson LaFeve, 264 Dwight st."
1945: LaFeve Market (grocery)
Also listed: Richard H. Golembeski and Clayton L. Matthews
1950: LaFeve Market (grocery)
1956: LaFeve Market (grocery)
1966: La Feve Market
1985: West Road Pet Hospital (plus 3 apartments)
2006-2007: West Road Animal Hospital

1875 WEST (Trenton) (SW corner of West & Fort Street)
1985: Gas & Go (gas station)
1989: Mobil Oil (gas station)
1994: King's Mobil Mart
2007: Mobil Mart (gas station)
No number seen. According to this 2003 article the station was owned by Jeff King.

1900 WEST (Trenton)
2007: B & D Vacuum

1910 WEST (Trenton)
1967: One Hour Martinizing (dry cleaning)
1973: Martinizing
2007: Corporate Maintenance (Janitorial Supplies & Service)

1912 WEST (Trenton)
1980: One Hour Martinizing
2007: no such address

1919 WEST (Trenton)
1938: Harold L. Chere
1945: Theon S. Hursey
1950: Theon S. Hursey
1956: Robert E. Marcum (also see 2646 West Jefferson)
2007: no such address

1920 WEST (Trenton)
1975: Sherwin-Williams Co.
1980: Sherwin Williams Co.
2007: Alexander Chase Salon

1926 WEST (Trenton)
1975: Uncle Ben's Lounge
1980: Uncle Ben's Restaurant-Lounge
1994: Mr. Nick's Restaurant
2006: Mr. Nick's (tavern)
2007: Mr. Nick's Dining & Cocktails

1953 WEST (Trenton) (SE corner of West & St. Paul)
1933: Howard Townsend
His wife was named Ann.
1936: Howard Townshend
Howard was a refinery worker. His wife was named Anna.
1938: Charles F. Wright
According to the 1938 city directory, there were no other houses on West Road in Trenton from here on down to the city limits west of Grange Road. However, this would seem to be contradicted by the prescence of such places as 2923 West.
1945: Fred J. Lutz
1980: Howells Shell Service
1989: Sparks Tune-Up (auto repairs)
2007: Jack's Tune-Up & Complete Car Care
No number seen on building.

1954 WEST (Trenton)
1971: Donofrio's Market
1980: Abe's Market (beer & wine - deli)
1994: West Road Market
2007: Orthodontists (Drs. Hunter & Lupini, P.C.)

2007 WEST (Trenton) (SW corner of West & St. Paul)
1956: Jack's Barber Shop
1975: ElToro Restaurant
1977: Danny Albani's Hairbending Team
1980: Danny Albani's Hairbending Team
2007: Timber's Salon

2013 WEST (Trenton)
1950: Trenton Budget Shop (women's clothing)
Trenton Times article from June 11, 1953 noted that the store was "owned by Miss Gertrude Wagar and located at the present site for seven years." Which means that it opened around 1947.
1956: Trenton Hobby Shop
1975: Michael's of Trenton (barber shop)
1980: Dynamite Sub Shop
1991: Twiggy's Pizza & Subs
1992: Little Mary's Pizza & Subs
8/16/1992 News-Herald says shop is "formerly Twiggy's."
2007: Law Offices of R. Michael Jones (Attorney & Counselor)

2019 WEST (Trenton)
1956: Trenton Budget Shop (women's clothing)
1960: West Road Electronics
1980: Day One Tropical Fish
2007: Fish Doctors (Tropical Fish)

2023 WEST (Trenton)
1950: Szites Bakery (another one is at 216 West)
2007: no such address

2025 WEST (Trenton)
1956: West Road Electronics
1975: Shampluto
Also listed as A A A Shampoodle of Trenton.
1980: Sham-Pluto Pet Grooming
2007: State Farm Insurance

2027 WEST (Trenton)
2007: Deken's Family Hair Care

2029 WEST (Trenton)
1980: James S. Velis, dentist
2007: Charles T. Sattler, D.D.S. (General Dentistry)

2030 WEST (Trenton)
1976: LaNise Coiffures
2007: no such address

2031 WEST (Trenton)
1980: Downriver Podiatrist
2006-2007: Jet's Pizza

2033 WEST (Trenton)
1953: Trenton State Bank
Trenton Times article from June 11, 1953 notes: "Another new business place is the Trenton State Bank drive-in branch at 2033 West rd. Designed to serve the heavily populated western sector, the drive-in was officially opened Saturday. It is the first drive-in branch in Trenton and one of the few in the down river area."
1956: Trenton State Bank
1980: Turning Point Salon (beauty shop)
2007: Olds' Flowers, Plants, & Gifts

2035 WEST (Trenton)
1967: Gabriel Szitas Studio (musical instruments)
Article says that the store has been in business for four years.
1975: A. Weaver Music Co.
1980: Renier Music Co. Music Store
2007: Paragrafix

2040 WEST (Trenton)
1966: Peoples Bank
1970: People's Bank
1975: Peoples Bank
1980: Peoples Bank & Trust
1985: Old Kent Southeast Bank
2007: Fifth Third Bank
Takes up the northern side of West Road between Chelsea and Lenox.

2041 WEST (Trenton)
1980: Renier Music Co. (additional shop)
2007: River Q's Pastry Pantry

2042 WEST (Trenton)
1980: Travel Our Way
2007: no such address

2081 WEST (Trenton)
1975: Baskin-Robbins
1980: Baskin-Robbins 31 Ice Cream Flavors
2006-2007: Trenton Ice Cream Shoppe

2100 WEST (Trenton) (NW corner of West & Chelsea)
1975: Academy Real Estate Inc.
1980: All Points Academy Real Estate Inc.
2007: Brian W. Matthews (Certified Financial Planner)

2105 WEST (Trenton) (SW corner of West & Rosewood)
1950: The Trenton Clinic
1956: Trenton Clinic
1975: Trenton Clinic
1980: Trenton Clinic
2007: Farah Medical Clinic

2110 WEST (Trenton)
1956-57: Clyde C. Ludwig - Realtor
1980: Aerobic Dancing (physical fitness group)
2007: no such address

2132 WEST (Trenton)
1950: Gregan Electronics (radio)
1952: Gregan Electronics
1953: Cass Hardware
Trenton Times article from June 11, 1953 notes: "Most recent of several new businesses planned for the area is Cass Hardware, 2132 West rd., which will open Friday. Owner of the new store is Cass Wirtel, 2853 Rosewood, a life-time area resident. The large, modern store carries general hardware, plumbing, electrical, and household supplies; sporting goods and paints. The store features free delivery and will remain open daily from 9 a.m. to 9 p.m. and Sundays from 10 a.m. to 4 p.m. Wirtel, married and the father of four children, said he built the hardware store because he felt there was a need for one in the area. Like other businesses on West rd., the store will be convenient for west Trenton residents. Construction of the 40 by 64-foot building started early in April. Wirtel invites all area residents to attend open-house ceremonies Friday between 9 a.m. and 9 p.m."
1956: Case Hardware
1975: Keck Hardware
1980: Keck Hardware
2006-2007: Keck Hardware and Hobby

2139 WEST (Trenton)
1956: Wittbold & Co. Real Estate
1975: Jerry's Food Market
1980: Jerry's Food Market

2140 WEST (Trenton)
1980: Anew Health Foods
2007: vacant

2142 WEST (Trenton) (NE corner of West & Rutledge)
1980: vacant
2007: Artfully Yours (Pottery Painting & Bead Studio)

2189 WEST (Trenton) (SE corner of West & Parkwood)
1975: Trenton State Bank
1980: Trenton State Bank
2007: National City Bank

2204 WEST (Trenton) (NW corner of West & Rutledge)
2007: One Hour Martinizing (dry cleaning)

2208 WEST (Trenton)
2007: Papa Romano's Pizza

2210 WEST (Trenton)
2007: AllState (insurance)
No number seen on building.

2220 WEST (Trenton)
1956: Alex Welch gas station
1966: Kentucky Fried Chicken
1975: Kentucky Fried Chicken
1980: Kentucky Fried Chicken
1985: Kentucky Fried Chicken
1989: Slick Disc (record store)
Later moved to 2320 West.
2007: Papalia Family Chiropractic

2225 WEST (Trenton) (SW corner of West & Parkwood)
1975: Trenton Towing
1980: Ken's Gulf Service (gas station)
2007: True Care Auto Service

2230 WEST (Trenton)
1980: Richard Papp, orthodontist
2007: vacant

2231 WEST (Trenton)
1956: Breton Woods Pharmacy
1980: B & L Kirby Co. Vacuum Cleaners
2007: Dog's Best Friend (pet grooming)

2233 WEST (Trenton)
1956: Eddie's Delicatessen
1966: Curt's Par-T-Pak
1980: Denny's Party Store (beer & wine)
1985: Shango's Market (beer & wine)
1994: Koki Liquor and Video
2007: Western Beverages

2235 WEST (Trenton)
1956: Dottie's Lunch (restaurant)
1975: Maxine's Restaurant
1980: vacant
1985: Speedy Printing Center
Also listed: Down River Office Supply
2007: Labor Ready (Dependable Temporary Labor)

2237 WEST (Trenton)
1956-57: Annex Cleaners & Shirt Laundry
1963: Thomas K. Mithoff, od.
1975: Thomas K. Mithoff, od.
1980: Thomas K. Mithoff, optom.
2007: Mithoff Vision Center

2250 WEST (Trenton)
1980: State Farm Insurance
2007: no such address

2270 WEST (Trenton)
1980: John H. Florek, chiropractor
2007: Salon Paché

2289 WEST (Trenton)
1956: Thompson Drug
1973: Gerlach Drugs
1975: Chuck Gerlach Drugs
1980: Chuck Gerlach Drugs
1994: Gerlack Drugs (typo?)
2007: vacant

2290 WEST (Trenton) (NE corner of West & Edgemont)
1956: Aaron Blake, Dentist
1980: Aaron Blake, Dentist
2006-2007: Johnson Dental Center

2299 WEST (Trenton) (SE corner of West & Birchwood)
1956: L. A. Comstock & Maurice A. Miller, physicians
1980: Manore-Haynes Travel Service / Falzone Medical & Occupation Health Laboratory
2007: Coldwell Banker (real estate)

2310 WEST (Trenton) (NW corner of West & Edgemont)
1956: under construction
1980: Vlachos Sunoco Service (gas station)
1985: Ken's Sunoco (gas station)
2007: Greg's Auto Service

2320 WEST (Trenton)
1980: Downriver Automotive Parts
2000s: Slick Disc
Moved to 1625 West circa spring 2006.
2007: Trenton Karate

2325 WEST (Trenton) (SW corner of West & Birchwood)
1960: Elliott's Bakery ("branch")
1975: The Barber's Chair of Trenton
1980: various names
2007: Trenton Printing and Duplicating

2330 WEST (Trenton)
1956: Riverside Hardware
1980: Myron's Flowers
2007: Olds' Flower Shop
Olds' Flower Shop vacant in 2007. Sign says "Coming Soon, Humble Pie's" (see photo).

2334 WEST (Trenton)
2007: Alexander's $2.99 Cleaners

2338 WEST (Trenton)
2007: Home Sweet Home (antiques)

2340 WEST (Trenton) (NE corner of West & Edsel)
1980: Apollo Cleaners
1985: Little Caesar's Pizza Treat
2007: Little Caesar's (pizza)

2345 WEST (Trenton)
1980-on: The Shirtery (shirt design)

2355 WEST (Trenton)
1975: Dino's Pizza
1980: Dino's Pizza
1985: Dino's Pizza
2007: Trenton Jewelers
Sign says "Since 1936."

2371 WEST (Trenton)
1980: Bettys Nu-Du Salon of Beauty
2007: no such address

2385 WEST (Trenton) (SE corner of West & Edsel)
1956: Breton Texaco Servicenter (described as "5 blocks north of Fort")
1980: Zanglin Realty
2007: Zanglin Realty (real estate)

2410 WEST (Trenton) (NW corner of West & Edsel)
1980: Guaranty Federal Savings Bank
2007: MBT Downriver (bank)

2427 WEST (SW corner of West & Edsel)
1945: Mrs. Emily E. B. Raupp
Also listed: Marvin Witherel (rear).
1950: Mrs. Emily E. B. Raupp, florist
1956: Farm Bel Flower Shop
Also Arthur Frank real estate and Mrs. Emily E. B. Frank antiques.
1975: Trenton Cultural Center

2429 WEST
1950: Frank Kosic
1956: Lowell T. Jacobs

2431 WEST
1950: Kern K. Neiswander
1956: Edward Eberhart

2501 WEST
2006: Amy Trudeau (acc to phonebook)

2761 WEST
1956: vacant

2771 WEST
1956: vacant

2781 WEST
1956: Roy A. Stougaard, Jr.

2790 WEST
1994 newspaper lists Trenton Veterans Memorial Library at this location, but it is located at 2790 Westfield, the NW corner of West and Westfield roads.

2791 WEST
1956: vacant
1975: K B Construction

2799 WEST
1960: First Presbyterian Church
1985: First Presbyterian Church

2851 WEST (Trenton)
1956: Michigan Bell Telephone Co. (dial office bldg)

2923 WEST (Trenton)
1936: Raymond G. Bates
Raymond was a city councilman.
1945: Raymond G. Bates
1950: Raymond G. Bates
1956: Raymond G. Bates

2942 WEST (Trenton)
1933: Anthony Scheffler
Anthony was a farmer. His wife was named Stella.
1945: Tony A. Scheffler
1950: Mrs. Stella Scheffler
2007: no such address
Presumably the house would have been located around where the Trenton High School football field is today.

3101 WEST (Trenton)
1975: West Road Recreation Center
1985: John F. Kennedy Recreation Center
1994: Kennedy Ice Arena

3200 WEST (Trenton)
1970: J. D. Martenson & Son Funeral Directors
1975: J. D. Martenson & Son Funeral Directors
2006: Martenson Funeral Home and Cremation Services

3231 WEST (Trenton)
2006: Trenton Surgical Building

3245 WEST (Trenton)
1945: Anthony Bosman
1945 city directory lists his occupation as "farmer." His wife was Mary K. Bosman.
1950: Anthony Bosman
1956: Anthony Bosman

3248 WEST (Trenton)
1933: Richard Neuman
This spelling (likely typos) is from the 1933 city directory. Richard's occupation is listed as "farmer," and his wife was named Mamie. Also living here were Donald Neuman and Harold Neuman, both farmers.
1945: Richard Newman
The 1945 city directory listed Richard Newman's occupation as "farmer." Harold A. Newman, whose wife was June R. Newman, also resided here and was also listed as a farmer.
1950: Richard Newman
According to the 1950 directory, there are no buildings on either side of West Road from here to Grange.
1951: home of Richard R. Newman
From the Wyandotte Tribune, 5/10/1951: "Approximately 73 acres at the northeast corner of Grange and West Roads will be transformed into nearly 400 new homes designed for working families. Frontage of about 600 feet on West Road [the distance from Grange to Newman Rd] and about 1300 feet along the east side of Grange Road [about the distance from West Rd to Margarette Drive] of the Richard R. Newman farm will be platted and prepared for construction of homes selling under $10,000 by the Carl R. Sams real estate firm of Detroit. (...) The subdivision, to be named the "Richard R. Newman Trenton Acres Subdivision"... (....) Newman, who lives at 3248 West Road, bought the property in 1915 for farming purposes. The subdivision will be served by large, deep sewers, now under construction, village water, lights, streets and curbs, and all village services." An obituary appeared for Newman in the May 3, 1972 Wyandotte News-Herald. It said that he lived at 1774 Trenton Drive in Trenton (near Anderson Elementary School) and had died April 30, 1972 at the Balmoral Nursing Home in Trenton at the age of 94. He was buried at Ferndale Cemetary in Riverview on Sibley Road.
1956: Leonard J. Howlett
1962: Leonard J. Howlett

3254 WEST (Trenton)
1945: not listed
1956: Donald E. Newman (son of Richard R. Newman)
1962: Donald E. Newman
Donald's wife was Cora E. Newman. His occupation was listed as a foreman for PennSalt. Richard R. Newman also resided here.
1985: A Touch of Glass Flowers
2006: A "Touch of Glass" Flowers, Inc.

3256 WEST (Trenton)
1951: housing development
From the 4/18/1951 Wyandotte Tribune: "Housing Development at West and Grange Roads.... Planned is a super-market and other shopping facilities at the north-east corner of Grange and West Roads."

3271 WEST (Trenton)
1970: The Nudu Salon of Beauty
1985: Fantastic Sam's Hair Salon

3272 WEST (Trenton)
1956: John C. Dickson, osteo. physician
1962: John C. Dickson, osteo. physician
2006: Marcia Vanderbroek, D.O., Osteopathic Family Practitioner

3273 WEST (Trenton)
1970: Al Petri & Sons Bicycle Center No. 2
1985: Margie's Cake & Candy Supplies (confectioners)
2006: Concepts in Travel

3275 WEST (Trenton)
1969: Ed's of Trenton (barber shop)
1970: Ed's of Trenton (barber shop)
1975: Ed's of Trenton (barber shop)
1985: Ed's of Trenton (barber shop)
2006: Smokers Choice Cigarettes

3276 WEST (Trenton)
1956: vacant
1962: Sheldon Plotnik, dentist
1970: Sheldon Plotnik, dentist
1980: Sheldon Plotnik, dentist
2006: Gentle Dental Family Dentistry
"Kevin Kirkland, D.D.S." listed on sign in yard; "S. Plotnik, D.D.S." listed on sign near front door.

3277 WEST (Trenton)
1970: Sportsland of Trenton
1980: Sportsland
1985: United Cable Television
1991: Etlinger Chiropractic Clinic
2006: F. Etlinger Chiropractic Clinic

3286 WEST (Trenton)
1956: Mrs. Sally Jimenez
1962: Arthur Clark, real estate
1970: Arthur Clark, real estate
2006: Lia's European Facial and Cosmetic Salon

3290 WEST (Trenton) (NE corner of West Road & Newman Drive)
1970: Down River Federal Savings & Loan
2006: vacant
2007: Health Care for Women
Opened circa March 2007 in same building as bank had been.

3296 WEST (Trenton) (near Newman Drive)
1956: Millard M. Collier
1962: Millard M. Collier

3300 WEST (Trenton)
1970: Dick Lyons Standard Service (gas station)
1985: Lyons Servicenter Inc. (gas station)
2006: vacant

3301 WEST (Trenton)
1956: under construction

3309 WEST (Trenton)
1956: under construction

3341 WEST (Trenton)
1970: vacant

3351 WEST (Trenton)
1962: New Vision Lounge
1966: New Vision Lanes (bowling)
1967: New Vision Lanes (bowling)
1970: Trentwood Lanes (bowling)
1975: Trentwood Lanes (bowling)
1980: Trentwood Lanes (bowling)
1985: Belmar Two Lanes
1991: Belmar II (bowling)
Allen's Bowling & Trophy Supplies, Inc. also located inside building.

3355 WEST (Trenton)
1985: McDonald's Hamburgers
2006: McDonalds

3390 WEST (Trenton) (located in West Grange Plaza)
1985: West Grange Drugs Inc.
2006: West Grange Pharmacy (website)
A 1994 News-Herald listing has West Grange Drugs at 3428 West, perhaps a mistake.

3400 WEST (Trenton) (located in West Grange Plaza)
1965: Wrigley's Super Market
1967: Wrigley's Super Market
The store's manager was Pat McPhee.
1970: Wrigley's Super Market
1977: Richie's Farm Market
Ad in July 6, 1977 News-Herald says "in former Wrigley Store."
1980: Richie's Farm Market
1985: Richie's Farm Market ("fruit & vegetables whol.")

3404 WEST (Trenton) (located in West Grange Plaza)
2006: Trenton Treats Bulk Foods

3408 WEST (Trenton) (located in West Grange Plaza)
2006: Dr. D. C. Arnovitz, Foot Specialist

3410 WEST (Trenton) (located in West Grange Plaza)
1985: Sportsland of Trenton (sporting goods)
2006: McFarland's Sportsland
In the 1970s, Sportsland was located across the street, at 3277 West Road.

3420 WEST (Trenton) (located in West Grange Plaza)
1967: West Grange Drugs
The store's President was Hadar Granader.
1970: West Grange Drugs
1972: West Grange Drugs
1973: West Grange Drugs (located "next to Wrigleys")
1975: West Grange Drugs
1980: West Grange Drugs
2006: D. O. C. Eyes Examined

3430 WEST (Trenton) (located in West Grange Plaza)
1985: Detroit Optometric Center
2006: no such address
D.O.C. is located at 3420 West in 2006.

3450 WEST (Trenton) (located in West Grange Plaza)
1960: Ben Franklin
1963: Ben Franklin 5¢ to 10¢ Store
1967: Ben Franklin 5¢ to 10¢ Store
1970: Ben Franklin 5¢ to $1.00 Store
1973: Ben Franklin
1976: Ben Franklin
An ad in the January 7, 1976 News-Herald says "automatic auction," "all items must be sold - wall to wall" and "Everything in store reduced - nothing held back." While the ad doesn't mention the store closing, it sounds like it was doing just that. Presumably the store had closed by February 1976.
1980: Murray's Auto Stores
1985: Murray's Auto Stores
2006: Family Dollar

3460 WEST (Trenton) (located in West Grange Plaza)
1973: Lafayette Radio Electronics (exact same address?)
1975: Lafayette Radio Electronics
In 1975 this store also had locations at 1326 Broadway in Detroit and 33760 Plymouth Road in Livonia.
1985: Sherwin-Williams Co. (paint store)
2006: Sherwin-Williams Paints

3470 WEST (Trenton) (located in West Grange Plaza)
1963: Klein's Department Store
1970: Klein's Department Store

3480 WEST (Trenton) (located "in the West Grange Shopping Center")
1970: O'Connor's Men's Wear
1975: Towne Club of Trenton
1980: Shong Hey Restaurant
1985: Shong Hey Restaurant
2006: Shong Hey Restaurant

3500 WEST (Trenton) (located in West Grange Plaza)
1967: Holiday Cleaners
1970: Holiday Dry Cleaning
1972: Holiday Cleaners
1985: One Hour Martinizing (dry cleaners)
2006: One Hour Martinizing (dry cleaning)

3510 WEST (Trenton) (located in West Grange Plaza)
1970: Hair Fashions by Shirley
1985: Hair Emporium (beauty shop)
2006: J V Hair Designs Salon (no number on bldg)

3520 WEST (Trenton) (located in West Grange Plaza)
1970: Associates Financial Services
1985: Paul J. G. Gravel, lawyer
2006: AAA Michigan

3555 WEST (Trenton)
2006: Boston Market

3575 WEST (Trenton) (SE corner of West Road & Grange)
1970: Chuck & Jerry Service Center
1985: Wear Masters Mufflers
2006: CVS Pharmacy

3579 WEST (Trenton)
1985: Fast Oil & Lube

3601 WEST (Trenton)
1970: Prudential Insurance Co.
1985: Woodcrest Child Care Center

3610 WEST (Trenton) (NW corner of West & Grange)
1970: Class A Shell Service
1975: West & Grange Shell Service
1980: Charlie's Shell Service
1985: Charlie's Shell Service

3630 WEST (Trenton)
1970: State Farm Insurance
1985: State Farm Insurance Co.
Also listed: International Weight Loss Clinic and Peg Miller & Son Realty Inc.

3635 WEST (Trenton)
1980: Friendly Ice Cream
1985: Friendly Ice Cream
2006: Charter One (bank)

3647 WEST (Trenton) (near Grange Rd)
1945: Floyd H. Dossey
1945 city directory lists his occupation as "sta. fireman Socony Vacuum Oil Co.," presumably the plant located at 20089 West in Woodhaven. His wife was named Wilma.
1950: Floyd H. Dossey
1956: Floyd H. Dossey

3653 WEST (Trenton)
1945: not listed
1950: Merton D. Neese
1956: Harry E. Ludwig
1985: no such address?

3655 WEST (Trenton)
1985: Country Squire Fireplace Shop (also see 3665 West)
2006: BoRics Haircare

3660 WEST (Trenton)
1966: Peoples Bank
1970: People's Bank
1975: Peoples Bank
1985: Old Kent Southeast Bank
2006: Arby's

3661 WEST (Trenton)
1945: not listed
1950: Charles R. LaFayette
1956: Charles R. LaFayette
1985: no such address?

3665 WEST (Trenton)
1975: Transistor Shop
1985: Country Squire Fireplace Shop (additional space)

3670 WEST (Trenton)
1967: Elliott's Bakery
In 1967, the other Elliott's Bakery was at 2656 West Jefferson.
1970: Elliott's Bakery
1975: AllState Insurance
1980: All State Insurance
1985: Allstate Insurance

3675 WEST (Trenton)
1945: John W. Rehkop
1950: John W. Rehkop
1956: John W. Rehkop
1970: Carpet Land
Opened circa May 1970; "next to Ray's Prime Meats." Address was listed as "vacant" in 1970 directory.
1975: Carpet Town
1980: Carpet Town of Trenton
Later moved across the street, to 3680 West.
1985: Bo Rics (hair stylist)
BoRics located at 3655 West in 2006.

3680 WEST (Trenton)
1961: Ray's Prime Meats
An October 1, 1969 Wyandotte News-Herald article noted the store's 8th anniversary, saying it "first opened its doors at 3680 West Road, Trenton, in October 1961. ... The firm moved to its present location, 3695 West Road, in August 1967. A photo of the store's owner Ray Martyniak accompanied the article.
1969: George's Prescription Center
1970: George's Prescription Center
1973: George's Prescription Center
1975: George's Prescription Center
1980: George's Prescription Center
1985: Carpet Town (carpet store)
Previously at 3675 West; moved here in the early 1980s.
1991: Carpet Town
2006: Carpet Town

3685 WEST (Trenton)
1970: Ernest Prete
1972: Ever-Ready Custom Cleaners
1980: B & D Vacuum Cleaner
1985: B & D Vacuum Cleaner Sales & Service Inc.
1990: B & D Vacuum
1991: B & D Vacuum

3695 WEST (Trenton)
1969: Ray's Prime Meats
Opened at this location in August 1967. Previously located across the street, at 3680 West.
1970: Ray's Prime Meats
"Ray's" was run by Ray Martyniak. There was also a Ray's Prime Meats in the Southland Mall in 1970.
1977: Ray's Prime Meats
1980: Ray's Prime Meats
1985: Ray's Prime Meats Inc.
1991: Ray's Prime Meats
1994: Ray's Prime Meats
2006: Advance Auto Parts

3700 WEST (Trenton)
1970: Trenton Medical Center (clinic)
1980: Trenton Medical Center (clinic)
1985: Trenton Medical Center (clinic)
2006: Downriver Family Healthcare

3701 WEST (Trenton)
1975: Trenton State Bank
The 2/26/1975 News-Herald ran an article and photo about the "opening of the new office of the Trenton State Bank at West Road and Lafayette in Trenton [that] was marked by a ribbon-cutting ceremony Feb. 20."
1980: Trenton State Bank
1985: Trenton Bank & Trust
2006: Buhl Insurance

3813 WEST (Trenton)
1945: Clyde C. Taylor
1950: Lloyd L. Calvin
1956: Bruce E. Chapman
1970: vacant
1985: no such address?

3829 WEST (Trenton)
1945: John W. Calvin
1950: John W. Calvin
1956: John W. Calvin
1985: Energy Efficient Construction (general construction)
2006: Energy Efficient Construction

3845 WEST (Trenton)
1945: Gerald A. Craanen
1950: Gerald A. Craanen
1956: Gerald A. Craanen & Thomas M. Craanen
1985: vacant (also listed: Ronald D. Bartel)

3851 WEST (Trenton)
2006: Trenton Laser Center

3855 WEST (Trenton)
1945: Edward J. Murphy
1950: Edward J. Murphy
1956: Edward J. Murphy
1985: Edward J. Murphy

3900 WEST (Trenton)
1933: Camille Vandenberge
Camille was a farmer. His wife was named Juliet.
1945: Troy H. Morris
1950: Jospeh A. Wahl

3901 WEST (Trenton) (located in strip mall)
2006: Valvoline Instant Oil Change

3921 WEST (Trenton)
1945: William H. Shuknecht
1950: no answer (just outside the village limits)
2006: Hungry Howie's Pizza & Subs (located in strip mall)

3931 WEST (Trenton) (located in strip mall)
2006: The Beach Tanning Inc.

3941 WEST (Trenton) (located in strip mall)
2006: vacant
Formerly The Pet Boutique & Spa.

3951 WEST (Trenton) (located in strip mall)
2006: vacant
Formerly Ultimate Backyards & Gamerooms. Sign says "moved to 21919 Allen effective Nov. 9th."

3961? WEST (Trenton) (located in strip mall)
2006: vacant
Additional space for store at 3951. Sign says "Please use other door." No number on door.

16065 WEST (Woodhaven)
1967: Eberline Carpet Center
Ad says located "next to A&P" and in "Trenton."
1977: Cadillac Elec. Supply

16075 WEST (Woodhaven)
1976: Household Finance
1977: Household Finance
2006: Blockbuster (video store)
Opened circa 1989. Phonebook gives address as 16125, but 16075 is the number on the building.

16085 WEST (Woodhaven)
1969: Grove Drugs (acc to newspaper ads)
1972: Grove Drugs
1975: Mister Music Sound Studios (record store)
January 1975 News-Herald ads list Mister Music at this address. 1975 phonebook lists Grove Drugs at this address also (see below).
1977: Grove Drug Stores
This address according to Bresser's 1977-78 Dearborn-Downriver directory.

16105 WEST (Woodhaven)
2006: Country Candle Factory

16115 WEST (Woodhaven)
2006: All American Salon

16124 WEST (Trenton)
1945: Refiners Transport & Terminal Corp.
1950: Refiners Transport & Term Corp.
1956: Refiners Transport & Term Corp.
1977: Refiners Transport
2006: LaSalle Bank

16125 WEST (Trenton)
1958: A & P
Described as being at "West Road near Allen Road" but no number was listed. Exact same address? Trenton Times article from June 11, 1953 notes: "Also under consideration is location of an A&P supermarket further out West rd."

1966: A & P Food Store
1975-1977: Grove Drugs
This address number according to their News-Herald newspaper ads for 1975-77. Also see 16085 and 16805.
2006: Cottage Inn Pizza

16130 WEST (Woodhaven)
2006: Lyons Servicenter (Towing & Repair)
Previously at 3300 West Road in Trenton. West of 16130 is the woods and a creek. The next address on the north side of the street is 18650 West.

16135 WEST (Woodhaven)
1991: Trentwood Farm Market 2006: Trentwood Farm Market

16177 WEST (Woodhaven)
2006: Kentucky Fried Chicken
Just west of this address, there is a road leading to the Williamsburg Square Apartments and Trentwood Condominiums. Further west beyond that is the creek and woods. The next address on the south side of the street is 18707 West.

16805 WEST (Trenton)
1966: Renaud Pharmacy ("next to A & P")
1970: Grove Drugs
1975: Grove Drugs
1975 phonebook says "16085 West," possibly a mistake?
2006: no such address

18650 WEST (Woodhaven)
1977: First Baptist Church of Woodhaven
2006: Woodhaven Bible Church

18700 WEST (Woodhaven)
1975: Pipers Fine Foods
1977: Pipers Fine Foods
2006: Ferguson Building

18707 WEST (Woodhaven)
2006: Downriver Community Federal Credit Union

18720 WEST (Woodhaven)
1975: Vegetable Bin Produce Market
1977: Towne Club (soda pop)
2006: Guardian Car Care (no number on bldg)

18737 WEST (Woodhaven)
1991: Burger King
2006: Burger King (no number on bldg)

18742 WEST (Woodhaven)
1975: Woodhaven Car Wash
1977: Woodhaven Car Wash
2006: Westwood Auto Wash

18744 WEST (Woodhaven) (NE corner of West Road & Monterey)
1977: N & J Party Store
2006: Randy L. Odette (Certified Public Accountant)

18768 WEST (Woodhaven) (NW corner of West Road & Monterey)
1975: Burger Chef
1977: Burger Chef (restaurant)
2006: Uncle Harry's (restaurant)

18775 WEST (Woodhaven)
2006: AT & T (no signage on bldg)

18846 WEST (Woodhaven)
1977: Church of God
2006: Woodhaven Church of God (Mountain Assembly) / Acts Revival Center

18904 WEST (Woodhaven)
1977: Earl Connor, Jr.
2006: no such address

18930 WEST (Woodhaven)
1991: Pet Supplies Plus
2006: Mattress World Superstore

18948 WEST (Woodhaven)
1977: Lawrence F. Weston
2006: no such address

18950 WEST (Woodhaven)
1975: Woodhaven Beauty Salon
1977: Woodhaven Beauty Salon
2006: Firestone Mastercare Car Service
Located far back from the road, behind the building at 18930 West.

19001 WEST (Woodhaven) (located in Woodhaven Commons)
1979?-on: Kroger (grocery store)
Not listed in Bresser's 1977-78 Dearborn-Downriver directory, although some of the stores next to it, such as Wear Else and Radio Shack (see below), ARE listed.

19077 WEST (Woodhaven) (located in Woodhaven Commons)
2006: GNC

19085 WEST (Woodhaven) (located in Woodhaven Commons)
2006: H & R Block

19093 WEST (Woodhaven) (located in Woodhaven Commons)
1977: Card & Gift Center
2006: Countrywide Home Loans
2 doors, one to the south not used. South door is 19097?

19097 WEST (Woodhaven) (located in Woodhaven Commons)
1977: Farmers Insurance Group
2006: Countrywide Home Loans (additional space) (see 19093)

19103 WEST (Woodhaven) (located in Woodhaven Commons)
1977: Wear Else (women's clothing)
An article and photo of the store, about its grand opening, appeared in the News-Herald in January 1977. The manager of the store was Mark Krantz.
1991: Wear Else (clothing store)
2006: Grand Buffet III (Chinese restaurant)

19107 WEST (Woodhaven) (located in Woodhaven Commons)
1991: Cathies Flowers & Garden
2006: Best Nails (no number on bldg)

19111 WEST (Woodhaven) (located in Woodhaven Commons)
1977: Radio Shack
1991: Radio Shack
2006: vacant
Formerly A Slight Accent (Unique Home Accents and Decor)

19113 WEST (Woodhaven) (located in Woodhaven Commons)
1977: Sonny's Hair Affair
1991: Hair Performers
2006: Tanks A Lot!! (fish, aquariums)

19115 WEST (Woodhaven) (located in Woodhaven Commons)
1977: Real Things
2006: Trisha Boutique (clothing)

19117 WEST (Woodhaven) (located in Woodhaven Commons)
1977: South Fte. Book Center
1991: First Optometry Eye
2006: Quiznos Sub

19155 WEST (Woodhaven) (located in Woodhaven Commons)
1977: Good Times Cafe (restaurant)
2006: no such address Restaurant was located west of 19175, facing West Road. 19155 and 19175 were demolished in the 1990s and the area where they stood became more Woodhaven Commons parking space.

19165 WEST (Woodhaven) (located in Woodhaven Commons)
2006: HomeGoods (home furnishings)
Between 19117 and 19165, there are several un-numbered vacancies.

19175 WEST (Woodhaven)
1977: Cunningham Drugs
An ad for the store in the News-Herald in January 1977 calls the store "Cunningham 21."
1991: Perry Drugs
1994: Perry Drugs
2006: no such address
Store was demolished in the 1990s.

19185 WEST (Woodhaven) (located in Woodhaven Commons)
2006: vacant
Formerly Sears Hardware, which closed in the summer of 2006.

19200 WEST (Woodhaven)
2006: Hollywood Video
Located in the SE corner of Big K-Mart's parking lot.

19265 WEST (Woodhaven) (located in Woodhaven Commons)
2006: Big Apple Bagels (no number on bldg)

19275 WEST (Woodhaven) (located in Woodhaven Commons)
2006: Pizza Hut

19555 WEST (Woodhaven)
1991: Old Kent Bank

19600? WEST (Woodhaven)
1973: Wrigleys
1975: Wrigleys (supermarket)
The News-Herald on February 12, 1975 ran a Wrigley ad for their two locations, "West Rd. & Allen Rd. Store" (this one, no address number given) and the "West Rd. & Grange Rd. Store" (also no number given, but it meant the one at 3400 West Road in Trenton). That store was gone by mid-1977, and this one likely left around the same time. This Wrigley's was actually the eastern portion of the K-Mart store at 19800 West (see below). The building had two front entrances: one in the middle (the K-Mart entrance) and one on the east side which was the Wrigely's entrance. When Wrigley's left (circa 1976), the eastern door diverted the customer into the K-Mart (the inner glass door of the eastern entrance was now blocked off). In the mid-1990s, the K-Mart was renovated (becoming a Big K-Mart store) and the eastern door and all the store's windows were walled up.

19800 WEST (Woodhaven)
1975: K-Mart
2006: Big K-Mart
This was K-Mart store #4183, opening in March 1971. A "grand opening" ad appeared in the Wednesday, March 10, 1971 Wyandotte News-Herald. See 2005 News-Herald article on possible plan to turn this store into a Sears.

19900 WEST (Woodhaven) (corner of West & Allen Road)
1977: Gulf Oil (gas station)
1994: Total Gas Station

20050 WEST (Woodhaven)
1977: Dunkin Donuts
1994: Dunkin' Donut

20076 WEST (Woodhaven)
1977: Coolsaet Contractor

20089 WEST (Woodhaven, corner of West and Allen)
1930s-50s: Socony-Vaccum Oil Co.
1960-80s: Mobil Oil Co. Refinery
A News-Herald special supplement on 5/20/1964 said: "The refinery first opened in 1929." The refinery started in the 1930s according to a Woodhaven history webpage. Factory mentioned in an executive order by President Truman in 1945. Fire at site in early 1950s. Socony-Vacuum was later named Mobil. Bresser's 1977-78 Dearborn-Downriver directory lists this address as both "Mobil Oil Corp." and "Burden Construction Company."

20090 WEST (Woodhaven)
2006: White Castle (hamburgers)

20900 WEST (Woodhaven)
1977: Ford Motor Co.

20915 WEST (Woodhaven)
1977: Louis Scheffler

21001 WEST (Woodhaven)
1977: I-75 & West Mobil (gas station)

21055 WEST (Woodhaven)
1975: Detroiter Barber Shop

21860 WEST (Woodhaven)
1991: Woodhaven Shell

21869 WEST (Woodhaven)
1975: Woodhaven City Offices

22051 WEST (Woodhaven)
1994: McDow Amoco

22061 WEST (Woodhaven)
1991: West Market

22100 WEST (Woodhaven)
1975: Landmark Restaurants Inc.
1991: Country Kitchen
1994: Country Kitchen

22130 WEST (Woodhaven)
1975: Woodhaven Pharmacy

22140 WEST (Woodhaven)
1975: Amore's Pizza Haven

22169 WEST (Woodhaven)
1994: West Market

22172 WEST (Woodhaven)
1975: McDonald's (restaurant)

22211 WEST (Woodhaven)
1975: Down River Federal Savings & Loan Association

22764 WEST (Woodhaven)
1994: Easy Pick

23000 WEST (Woodhaven)
1975: Holiday Drive-In Theatre

23849 WEST (Brownstown Township)
2007: Farmer Jack (grocery store)
No number seen on building. Last day of business to be July 7, 2007.

24638 WEST (Flat Rock)
1963: Konarske's Nursery

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