(last updated on May 29, 2002)

I'm a lifelong comics fan. I pretty much enjoy all kinds of comics, but mostly old ones -- particularly before the 1980s when various non-superhero genres (such as war, westerns, romance, and so on) were more prominent in the mainstream market. I consider Steve Ditko and Jack Kirby to be my two favorite comics creators. My favorite comic issue of 2001 was Wonder Woman #170 ("A Day in the Life"). See my 1998 journal entry titled "Why Do You Read Comics?" for more details on my comics tastes.

Unlike a lot of fans, I haven't been too thrilled with Marvel's current direction. When John Byrne left Marvel, that meant at least two less Marvel comics for me to buy each month. I dropped "Captain America" with #50 in 2001, when Jurgens left, after having bought the title each and every month since #3 or #4 (1998). Now Busiek is leaving Avengers (and the art has been downhill since Alan Davis left) and I'm not sure how long I'll be buying it. (Avengers had been my favorite current must-read Marvel series during 1998-2000.) Right now the titles I buy are Lab Rats (Byrne's new series for DC, not sure how I'll like it), Power Company (Busiek's new series for DC, ditto), Cerebus, Defenders/The Order (what are they doing to this series??), Wonder Woman (as long as Phil Jiminez keeps drawing it), Bone, and the fan-magazines for old-time fans like Jack Kirby Collector, Alter Ego, Comic Book Artist, and Comic Book Marketplace. Plus the occasional DC reprint and indie title.

If you would like to try comics yourself but don't know how to get started, or if you would like to try certain comics that your local shop doesn't carry, visit my "How to Buy Comic Books" page for my suggestions. It features links to the websites that I use myself to order comics (and related product) from my local shop, which I've been doing every single month since mid-1997.

Here are some links about comics that you may enjoy:


  • COMICS Links
  • My page listing tons of websites out there devoted to favorite characters and creators.

  • Comics MESSAGE BOARDS Links
  • A listing of places on the internet where you can post your thoughts about comics, or read what other fans have to say about them. I also have a page called "POSTS OF THE PAST" for some old posts or boards which have long ago been deleted.

  • Cap is my favorite Marvel superhero.

  • Superman is my favorite DC hero. This page focuses on the Silver Age stuff, with articles about Superboy and Superbaby, among others.

  • Now you can read your favorite newspaper comic strips online! This page presents links to comic strips that I like. Actually, I made the page for my own personal benefit, to make it easy for me to read the funnies!

  • Another page basically put up for my own benefit. Eventually this link will lead to a page which will lead to three links: one to my list of Marvel comics, one to my list of DC Comics, and a third to my list of other comics. Right now, though, I only have a list of my Marvel comics available -- and it's from January 1998 at that, so it's way out-of-date. But it's a start...