(last updated on July 7, 2003)

My favorite type of music right now is contemporary Christian music (CCM), which encompasses a variety of different styles, everything from metal to dance-pop to folk. I tend to prefer melodic pop-rock (in the style of the Beatles, my all-time favorite band), but I enjoy different styles as well. I just like a good song!

To get acquainted with the sounds and styles of the CCM scene, I've created a links section for that purpose. Go to my "CCM Stars" pages, where you can download MP3 samples of many artists that I enjoy. I hope it serves to introduce visitors to my webpage to artists that they may have never heard of before, but who are worth hearing.

I currently have a subscription to CCM Magazine. In fact, I recently sent in my subscription renewal for the next 2 years. I like it that much! If you enjoy modern Christian music, I recommend giving it a try. There's a subscription offer for it online here.

My favorite Christian website is CMCentral. They have news items posted on the main page almost daily, as well as a lively message forum where I've often posted (as "Rimes"). They also have run some thought-provoking interviews. Check 'em out!

Other Christian music websites that I've occasionally visited include Mark Joseph's news-links page RockRebel and the British website CrossRhythms.

Finally, there's MY CHRISTIAN MUSIC VIDEOS list. I basically created that page for my own benefit, so I'd be able to keep track of all the CCM stuff that I've taped off the TV between 1999 and 2002. Unfortunately, I was forced to change cable TV providers in December 2002, and my new provider doesn't have TBN. Much as I complained about TBN's lack of CCM coverage, at least it gave me some CCM programs to tape each week. I haven't been able to tape any Christian music programming since then (unless you want to count taping Stacie Orrico on MTV's TRL once).

Well, that's all I have to say for now. Enjoy the above links.