tune in
(last updated on June 6, 2002)

From August 1992 to August 1996, I published 16 issues of a radio-drama fanzine called "TUNE IN." I have always intended to keep publishing it (and in fact there exists in my files a 17th issue, dated March 1997, which I've never gotten around to publishing) but other obligations have usually taken priority. And in the late 1990s, my interest in new comics was renewed and much of my free time was taken up by that, or the internet, and other things. I'd gotten so focused on trading shows that I was trading too much, not getting much of a chance to listen to the shows I'd acquired. (Similar to the reason I stopped attending comics conventions in 1999, so I can stop and read the stuff I've gotten already.) Unfortunately, my passion for the artform of radio drama has dwindled in recent years, and I no longer have the zeal for spreading awareness of the artform that I once had.

Most of the time, that is. I did read the introduction to Stephen King's recent short story collection, "Everything's Eventual," where he calls radio drama a "dead" art form and my old passion was stirred up a little bit. I reject King's idea that radio drama is dead, that we are no longer able to produce it or enjoy it as we once did. King should know this not to be true based on his own work, such as "Salem's Lot," having been adapted for radio by the BBC, in a form more lively than an audio book. If King thinks that today's writers cannot write a radio play without it becoming an audiobook (relying too heavily on narration) then perhaps he's simply a writer who is not suited to the audioplay medium. But surely there are writers today who are capable of using the artform to full advantage, who conjure up vivid scenes in our minds through mere sounds. If King feels he can't do it, then that's his problem -- but don't sell the artform short.

Anyway, eventually on this webpage I'll have some links to some of my old articles and reviews that appeared in old issues of TUNE IN. Right now, however, this page consists simply of links to other radio-related sites. Enjoy!


Here are a few links listing stations that air radio drama. Check out your local station (if it appears on the list) at the times listed to be able to listen on your radio!

  • When Radio Was
  • Hosted by comedy great Stan Freberg, this show airs an hour of old-time radio from the 1930s through the 1950s. Click the link to find out if the show is being aired in your area.

  • Imagination Theater
  • This is a new program in the old-time radio drama tradition. Currently being aired across 150 North American stations.

  • BBC Radio & TV Program Schedules
  • Unfortunately, BBC Radio is only available in Britain, except for BBC World Service which occasionally airs radio dramas, and which can be heard in the U.S. on shortwave radio (as well as on some public radio stations late at night). BBC Radio 4 is usually the best station for current radio drama, where such new dramas as The Archers, The Monday Play, The Afternoon Play (Thursday), Classic Serial, Saturday Playhouse, and Saturday Night Theatre can be heard.

  • CBC Radio Drama
  • The Canadian Broadcasting Corporation's page for new radio drama. The one I've heard most is Monday Night Playhouse (which repeats Sunday Showcase shows).


  • Lou Genco's Old-Time Radio Site
  • The best site devoted to OTR on the Internet. Contains links to many OTR pages, a message board, and a show database. A must-bookmark site for any fan of Old-Time Radio.

  • Jerry's Vintage Radio Logs
  • An enormous collection of logs listing program information like titles and dates for hundreds of series.

  • The Sci-Fi Guy's Radio Drama Catalog/Logs
  • This page is a must-visit if you are interested in all the obscure sci-fi and horror radio/audio plays, old and new!

  • Theater of the Imagination
  • Joseph Andolina's page listing his collection of OTR and BBC, CBC, & NPR dramas.

  • Golden Days of Australian Radio
  • Listen here to Australian versions of Inner Sanctum & Gunsmoke, as well as old Aussie shows.

  • Seeing Ear Theatre
  • The Sci-Fi Channel's radio page where you can listen to new original dramas.

  • Old Time Radio (OTR) Traders Forums
  • Message boards for a variety of genres and topics.

  • Superman Radio Serial
  • Listen to the 1940s Superman radio serial at DC Comics' official website.

  • YesterdayUSA Superstation
  • Home of the Silver Screen Cowboys
  • "Western radio classics" page of the site, where you can listen to old radio episodes.